Jan. 6th, 2009

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I just figured since I ran across this information that I should pass it along. Apparently, livejournal just fired 20 of their 28 employees. To quote from the (verified) article "The company's product managers and engineers were laid off, leaving only a handful of finance and operations workers — which speaks to a website to be left on life support." Which also speaks to one that's liable to crash and have buggy issues.
I don't know about the rest of you, but lj will leave a hole if it goes down. There are a lot of people I only have contact with through lj. There's a few of you I only know through here, some of you who are friends that I no longer live anywhere near, and some of you are people I met through someone else IRL but we only keep in touch here. So if this thing fails or they take the next step that so many other companies have taken with this economy and they just give up, this will leave me with no way to talk to so many people and will leave me feeling a lot more alone than I like. Charles often teases me about how I check my lj so much, but especially since I moved I've essentially relied on it to remind me that there are people out there.
And don't forget that also I have been on this stupid site since 2000. That's a solid 8 years worth of my life written down only on here. I feel like someone is holding my personal diaries over a fire and saying "Well they aren't making any money for _us_ so..."

So here's my two proposals, just in case this site tanks entirely. First off, if I don't already have you on myspace, we should fix that. That's the only other place I am online. If you don't have a myspace, then, um, I dunno... maybe you should get one. And no, before anyone asks, I do not have a facebook. The other thing I'm going to do later today is figure out some way to back up my journal. At some point I remember seeing some program that would do such a thing. If I manage to find it, I will post a link here later or something. RIght now I shouldbe leaving for work though :(
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Sabrina panicked just as much as me, only she had free time and thus found some other posts on this lj crisis. Said post had a link to a really awesome archive for lj (if you're running windows, which I assume almost all of you are).
The link is : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=143280
That there is a direct link to the page with the download for their most up to date version. Unlike most programs that archive your lj, this one _does_ archive comments (which are just as important as the posts!) and also, their website is still functional (a lot of the similar sites are down from heavy traffic of more panicky people). Anyways, it works beautifully and I am currently perusing my first few lj posts via it. It was impressive, it took it like 2 or 3 minutes to download _everything_ that I had.
So there ya go. If you feel the need to back things up, that's probably the ticket.


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