Jan. 17th, 2009

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So I'll get this admission out of the way right now: I am really loving facebook so far. It requires less actual work on my part and yet I feel more connected to the people that are on it. It's nice to maintain friendships without any effort :) ha!
Anywho, classes started and work goes back to being routine again.
Advanced Baking and Pastry 2 is going to be everything I hoped for I think. First off, there's only 6 of us in there which is awesome cause it means more one on one with Chef Bodrogi and more room to work on our projects. For those of you who have no reason to know anything about this class (ie: all but like one of you, lol) in this class we focus more on the artisitic side of being a pastry chef. We're going to do a bunch of showpieces ouf of things like sugar, chocolate, pastillage (think sugar play-do kind of), not to mention wedding and special occasion cakes, show-ey chocolates and candies, etc. Basically, think of the fanciest tasty sugar things you've ever seen somewhere that you can't afford or on tv. That's what I'm going to be doing. I look at it as 4 hours a day, 3 days a week of being given ingrediants and play time. My mom is an artist and from an early age I played in every media possible. This is where art and food converge. I'm going to kick its ass! I'll have to show you what we did this week already in another post when I've got time to upload pictures.
My Facilities class, on the other hand, is going to make me go insane. Basically by the end of the quarter we need to have a full business plan completed for a restaurant. Every single week we have a giant pile of different documents due for it to make sure we're keeping up. Now we did do part of this in other classes, which is how it's supposed to be run. That way we don't have too much to try to do at once and everything builds on to the stuff from the other classes. However, they restructured a class the same quarter I happened to take it and accidentally structured that classes part of this project right out. That means I don't have any idea what I'm doing with a large chuck of the project, I have no help built into the class, and I'll have to use my own time if I want one of the instructors to go over it with me *headpalm* I'm really frustrated by that. Also, our instructor is a bit insane and decided that since we don't have class next Monday, that he would just go ahead and assign us two weeks worth of work to tide us over til we have class again. What!?! So we have one class, a large portion of which is introductory stuff, and he expects us to be okay to do literally _6_ of the sections of our final project with nothing more than a brief lecture over a _few_ of the parts. I'm also torn over whether I should buy the book. A guy I know from school who is just as big a nerd as me told me he didn't bother cause he didn't need it. The thing is we have no tests in this class because the focus is the ginormous project. Also, we're using a book I already own as a "supplemental" for the class. Aaand the new book is like $60-something which my broke ass who works 20 hours a week and has a husband whose job doesn't start til Feb just plain can't afford right now. I think Tues when school is back open I'm gonna see if we have it in our library.
In the meantime however, I will be consoled while working on my project by the fact that we just got 2 new Daft Punk and one Feist CD in the mail. Yay for having unused free cd vouchers from the music club! Charles used to get stuff a _lot_ through them and they would send him these 3 free cds (pay only shipping) vouchers that he just never used. This was the last of them. Yay for finally owning some Daft Punk and not having to only rely on Pandora's randomness!
I think I might bake a cake tonight to so I can continue to get out of homework. No one should _really_ do homework on 3 day weekends.


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