Jan. 30th, 2009

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I have a problem with Fridays in my new schedule. I don't go into work until 5 PM which leaves me with the entire day pretty much to myself now that Charles works again. I was totally planning on using today as a get homework done kind of day. Anyone really think that's gonna work out? Cause I had. I mean, hello, I'm a nerd.
The problem is (especially this week) that there's all this other stuff I want to be doing that I couldn't do all the rest of the week. Charles isn't even here to tell me to quit screwing around and get back to work. I haven't played my new video game since last Sat., I haven't cooked anything since last Friday, I haven't gotten to curl up with my book (except 1 short story in the bath yesterday) for even longer. And so what I tend to do is nothing. I don't work on my homework because I just can't get myself to commit starting on it, but I also won't let myself go play because I feel too responsible to give in. So I sit here on the computer with, for instance, a window open with a page on how to write job professional job descriptions, but I haven't even opened word to start writing any and in fact have spent the last hour finding ways online to prevent myself from doing that. It just seems like a waste of good free time.
Bah, I also just remembered that next weekend is ComicCon and I need to get next weeks homework done before next Friday night, too. Damn. Time to put my resolve face on and buckle down on this >.<


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