Feb. 5th, 2009

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It has started sinking in that I'm graduation soon. I just got a phone call from school to set up my exit interview for next week. I am unhappy about this for many reasons. First off, I _love_ school. I like the learning, the camaraderie, the free usage of ingredients and kitchen space for a comparatively small lab fee, etc. Also, I've made a lot of friends and acquaintances there and I suck at keeping in touch with people which means that once I graduate I will loose the majority of these people for good ((yay for social networking sites like this, myspace, and facebook ! I may not loose as many this time!) Also, I loose my job when I graduate and I happen to like my job despite how crappy the hours and pay are. Oh, and of course let's not forget the fact that I have no idea what I want to do still. I mean I know someday I want to own a bakery-cafe, and that I would like to teach culinary, but those aren't things I can go straight into very easily. I really don't want to get stuck working at some random bakery or what not since I got burned so bad the last 2 times I've done that and so has nearly every person I've known to do that. So I'm bummed. 7 1/2 weeks til my entire life outside of Charles ends as I know it :P
I'm also still plague-ridden. It was bad enough that when I went to work yesterday my boss sent me home. I obeyed, came home, did some homework and napped. I went back at noon for class and my Chef sent me home too! That's like unheard of. I had a Chef tell me one other time when I was so sick I had lost my voice that "unless I was incapable of walking or I was vomiting" that she expected me to stay. He gave me credit for being there, allowed me enough time to rescue my candies from the day before from their molds and then I had to GTFO. I was feeling a little better yesterday, but the later it got the more I felt like crap again, so I called off again this morning. I can't even remember the last time I have taken a day off from work, let alone two. At least it's letting me get my homework done.
Homework getting done is important because I'll be in NYC this whole weekend for ComicCon and visiting the in-laws. I'm still iffy on ComicCon, as I've looked over the schedules and the only thing I was really excited about (Seeing Joss Whedon and the Dollhouse Premiere) is on Sunday when we're not going :( I'm hoping it turns out to be more about the hanging out, walking around, looking at stuff/people kind of thing than a going to tracks kinda thing, because most of their programming is so not what I'm into (I don't care how many Golden Age comic book artists and authors you have, I don't care about them! Unless it's Wendy and Richard Pini who did ElfQuest ^^) I'm trying to look at this as a family get together that just happens to be at a Con rather than the other way around so that I don't end up disappointed if the Con isn't my kind of thing. I mean, I really like my in-laws (it IS possible!) and I like spending time with them, so if I make that the focal point, the rest won't matter. Not to mention I'm gonna try to find Terry sometime at the Con on Sat. since she's the only other person I know that's going, so that'll be fun. Like her, I am lamenting not having a costume and wondering what to wear then. Luckily Brigid gave me an awesome Zelda-ey geek shirt as a present at some point, so I'm leaning that way.
But now I'm going to go finish this part of my homework so I can spend the rest of the day the proper way a sick person should: eating junk food and playing video games.


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