Mar. 29th, 2009

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So I'm all graduated and stuff now. You'd think I'd bother to mention that on here or something. So here's a brief recap of my last week and a half:
Last week I was insanely stressed by doing my final practical. It came out well and Steven and Charles came to partake in tastiness and root me on! Thanks! Pictures should be posted soon because they are awesome :)
Monday I had my last real class and written test which went just fine. 
Between then and Thurs. I spent my almost every waking moment getting ready for Portfolio show which is a BFD. For those of you that don't know here's a summary of what that is: For the entire time at school we work on this giant project throughout all our classes. Our last semester we have our capstone class where we rework the whole thing, add more to it, and polish it. The project is basically to build a restaurant from the ground up. Literally the entire thing; menu, staffing, employee handbook, legal documents, financial forecasting, costed recipes, marketing plans, costed lists of every item we need from tables to disposable to-go cups to ovens, etc. For portfolio show I had all that bound nicely into a _TWO_ inch binder (it was several hundred pages), I made a giant tri-fold display board, had professionally printed menus and bought real menu covers to put them in, and baked a bunch of tasty things as well. Then a bunch of industry professionals come around and look at it and start grilling you on things and critiquing you.
I won best of show :) All of the chefs came up to me afterwords to tell me that my project was awesome, that they loved my menu, and that they really wished me the best of luck since they could tell this was something I really was planning on doing. They all wanted to offer me a bit of advice on a few things to continue tweaking but that on the whole it seemed very doable. There were really only 2 of them that seemed to take any issues with any of my plans, but they just really didn't get my concept so most of their comments were completely inapplicable, so whatever, lol. (Not all of us chefs want to own bougie over-priced places, tyvm)
This means that I get an announcement in papers both in ATL and back home in Manchester. I also got a diploma-ey looking thing for it. I also get to have my picture and my alumni career bio thing put up in the hallway on the 5th floor at school :) So that's kinda cool.
The same night I got 2 other awards at a little ceremony thing. I got the academic achievement award and a "contributions to the department" award. Oh, and a big almuni mug and tote bag.
Friday I went in and essentially got handed a job for a few week at Charles' company. So I have like 2 weeks left at school, roughly 2 weeks off, then 3 weeks at Char;es' work. From there I still don't know what I'm doing, but I got some time to figure it out.
And then today, my first realy day of freedom, I spent rather sick and grouchy because of the constant crappy rain. Boo. I'm hoping for better tomorrow.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]*Points over at icon* I love that icon. It's from my all time favorite episode of Buffy ever. I look for excuses to say things like "Well, look at me, I'm all fuzzy." or "This is a dumb world. In my world there are people in chains, and we can ride them like ponies." or "I'm so evil, and skanky. And I think I'm kind of gay." or "Gosh, look at those."
The unfortunate thing is I don't tend to make posts in which I say things that make that icon applicable.


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