Apr. 2nd, 2009

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The ceiling in the hallway outside our apartment collapsed some more last weekend. After a bunch of calls and trips to the office, I finally got them to clean up the debris, but they still haven't even looked at the roof and getting it fixed.
The good thing is that at lest this mess made them extra cooperative when I told them a list of things wrong in our bathroom. The biggest problem was that the shelf around the tub was sinking into the wall, thus making a big gap where the water from the shower was going into the wall. They actually got right on fixing that. They tore out the tiles and wood yesterday and it was disgusting and mildewy underneath. Today they rebuilt the wood part and tomorrow they're supposed to come and re-tile. We've luckily only had the cat slip past us while the door was open once which resulted in lots of bribery to get Phineas out of the molding walls and then wash him off.
The worst though is Charles' car. I'm not gonna go into the details cause it's still too frustrating to me, but the end result is that we just paid $240 to have nothing really fixed and the damn thing won't pass e-check. Since Charles' birthday is tomorrow he needs his tag renewed, but can't do that without the e-check, thus he has to get a new car. Like immediately.
There's both good and bad news to that. The good news is that we have money we can use for a big down payment and we have the time this weekend to go and car shop without completely having to give up any semblance of birthday celebration. The reason that's bad news is that I liked having that money sitting in our account as "just in case" money. Like if one of us isn't working for some reason and we would have that for a safety net. The other part of the bad news is that the only reason we have the time is because our other plans had to be moved to a much later date cause we didn't do a good job planning.
So long as everything works out, all this could really end up being better in the long run. Charles wanted a new car anyways. The tub was pooling water ont he shelf that collapsed and the grouting was looking nasty there. Maybe this time they'll actually re-do the hallway unlike in Dec. when it collapsed the 1st time.
 Well, I'm not going to think about this stuff more tonight. I have a birthday to plan ;)


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