Apr. 13th, 2009

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  1. Taking a shower in the morning means I am guaranteeing that I won't leave the house because that requires putting real clothes on.
  2. The amount of calories in one piece of cake that I ate in lieu of breakfast is equal to the amount I burn during some intense DDRing for half an hour that leaves me gasping, sweaty, and having some mild chest pain. And yet I can't decide if it's worth that or not. I _really_ like cake.
  3. It does not matter what I thought I was going to do nor how many times I get up to do something, all I'm actually going to do all day is sit around in my underwear eating junk food, watching ION television, and reading things on the icanhascheezburger network.


Apr. 13th, 2009 02:21 pm
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Ok, forgive the postwhoringness here, but I had to make a comment about this commercial I just saw.

It was for child safety in cars and the catch phrase was:

"Until they're 4'9", keep them in a booster seat"

If that's followed seriously, then I would have had to be in a booster seat until some time in high school if my memory serves. And my older sister is only like 4'10 now and she's 31.
I understand that it's probably having to do with the seatbelt's effectiveness and all, but wow.

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What does one do with photos from their first wedding when they are both very happily married currently and have no regrets about getting a divorce from the first husband but also are still really good friends with their ex and think that all pictures (especially ones you look pretty in ^^) are worth keeping because they are a record of personal history?
We got a new bed this weekend which meant moving everything out from under the old one. I found 2 under bed boxes I had forgotten I even had so I went through them today. One of them contained all kinds of junk from my 1st wedding/husband. I've moved several times since then The 1st move was when I left him and it was too soon for me to throw away a lot of that stuff. The next move was a rushed panic wherein I crammed everything in storage for 3 months before moving to ATL, and the last move was a bit unexpected and rushed also so everything just got shoved in a truck those 2 times and I never really even looked.
I did throw out most of the stuff I found. Honestly a lot of it was junk that I'm sure had some sentimental reason that I've now entirely forgotten. Some of it was stuff that was presents to me from him that back then I thought was awesome and now I'm like WTF would I ever do with that? (Like battery operated raver glow sticks. Srsly?) But then I hit the wedding pics. I don't really want to put them in with the rest of my photos, nor do I want to throw them away. And that means putting them back into storage somewhere in the house where I will forget they exist. And if that's the case, what's the point in having them? If I had them digital I would just leave a copy of the cd somewhere and call it a day but it's all old school and I am def not spending the time to scan them.

Any great ideas/opinions?

p.s. Malone people: Any of you ever lend me or Caleb an Apop cd with just versions of "Kathy's Song"? I found it in with the cds I burnt off for the wedding and haven't the slightest idea how/when it got there and I feel bad cause I know it has to be someone else's.


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