Apr. 16th, 2009

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I'm sure a lot of you have seen this video before. I don't care. I watch it every month or so and love it just as much every time. I figure there's some of you out there that don't live online as much as I do and haven't stumbled across this, but I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Every time I watch it I get this welling up in my chest and find myself smiling without meaning to. I know a lot of peopel I care about are having hard times lately and if I can get even one of you to smile with this, it will make my day. Psyc girl *points at self* reminds you that the muscles involved in smiling get your brain to release serotonin which is the main neurotransmitter involved in feeling happy.
I also posted up a poem after it. The beautiful song in the background is "Praan" and the poem below is what they based the lyrics off of.

Stream of Life
by Rabindranath Tagore

The same stream of life
that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world
and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life
that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth
in numberless blades of grass
and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

It is the same life
that is rocked in the ocean-cradle
of birth and of death,
in ebb and in flow.

I feel my limbs are made glorious
by the touch of this world of life.
And my pride is from the life-throb of ages
dancing in my blood this moment.


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