Apr. 28th, 2009

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It's bizarre how life can both be really rushed and crazy internally and be boring and creeping along externally. There's a lot of big decisions that Charles and I are going to be making soon. A lot of it revolves around me getting a job. What kind of job, where, full or part time, signing a contract or looking for something I can leave if need be, etc... I think I may have figured something out but I'm not discussing it for a while. I'm in this weird place in my life where if things go the way that they look like they legitimately will then I will be ecstatically happy and I feel like the more I talk about it the more I jinx it, lol. I know it's completely illogical, right? Maybe at the root of it is that the more I talk about things the more I'll get my own hopes up and the more disappointed I'll be if I have to go around telling people that something somewhere fell through. Cause the thing is, it's not like I'm unhappy now. I really love my life right now and aside from the fact that I'll need to find a job after we visit in June (since my work that starts Thursday will only last a few weeks) there is nothing I am discontent with. It's just that it could be better. Who wants good when theyn can have awesome? But really it all makes me feel a ton better now because I have a plan. Even if the plan doesn't work, I'm no longer wallowing in doubt and confusion. I'm only ever hapy if I have a plan.

In other news we went to TN this weekend. We'd been planning on going up for a long time now and it kept not working on one end or the other. We got to hang out with Jenna and Jonathan and their kids, I got to meet baby Asher finally ^^, we went to Rock City again and I finally got to go to a Mongolian BBQ place that does the "here's a bowl, fill it w./ whatever you want and we'll cook it" thing.
We brought home roughly $100 worth of books and graphic novels from McKays, a cat, and a horrendous sinus infection for me. The cat is obviously a big deal :) There's a long story about why I took my best friend's cat away, lol, but it's a good thing all around. Phineas and Mercury are attempting to adjust to each other which so far means they sleep and hide all day and rampage through the apartment all night long and keep me awake. *sigh* They better knock it off by tomorrow night cause after that I have to start getting up early to work again ;p

Which reminds me that I need to get off the computer and off my butt cause I only have 1 more day of freedom and I still have to clean out the _big_ closet. After that, the whoel has has been gone through and I have gotten rid of a TON of junk. I've taken 4 bags to Goodwill, one to Jenna, ALL the craft stuff and fabric is packed in a box for Sabrina, there's 3 bags going to my mom and lil sis, and there are currently 33 auctions going on ebay and 1 item on amazon. I love getting money for crap I would just throw out otherwise. Ok, off to clean the last thing so I can goof off tomorrow!


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