May. 21st, 2009

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Well my brief stint of work is over with. Thank goodness. Not only is it a job that I don't really enjoy terribly much, but I also worked so many hours of overtime that it was ridiculous. I think my record for being there in one day was 13 hours straight, and keep in mind that's not including the 45 minute drive on either side of it. Ugh.
Of course now this means that I am back to my boring life of never leaving the apartment. In some ways though, this is quite alright with me. I have noticed that lately I have become quite the misanthrope. It's kind of weird. Back in Ohio when I was in school I was a bizarre little social butterfly, flitting around with plans all the week long. Even when stuff came up that I didn't really feel like doing, I would still go just because I "didn't want to miss out on anything." Now it takes something like a semi-required Dragon*Con meeting to pry me out of the house to see people I like. Charles tells me that me deciding now that I don't like people has the worst timing ever since we are going back home in *looks at calendar* 2 weeks and 1 day. There we will be spending a solid 9 days jam packed with hanging out and doing stuff. This, however, will be different, so I'm not worried.
In the meantime I suppose I should be looking into getting a job. I loathe the idea really. I mean, nobody likes working (obviously) but for some reason, I just really really don't want to get a job right now. There's all this stuff that needs doing that work will interfere with. And it's not even like it's frivolous stuff, either. Bah. I'm really hoping for that one job still, but I don't know if I should apply now or wait until after my trip home. I don't want them to try and call here at the apt. while we're gone and then think I'm not interested and I really don't want them to call me back and offer me a job before I go and have to try to work around that either. I don't think that it's the kind of thing where the opportunity to work there will just disappear either since they have like 4 locations that are all hiring. I think I will put it off til we come back. Well, there, that's decided.
Anyways, back to the trip itself. SUPER EXCITED!!! OMG, I miss all you guys so much. The closer it gets, the more I'm reminded of this giant painful chunk of me missing. I think I've gotten in touch with everyone back home that I'm going to make sure I see at this point, and everyone will be around and with at least some free time. Charles and I have been working on a list of things we want to do, and it's getting huge, lol. Once it gets a little closer to the date (June 6-14) I will definitely post up something about what stuff we're going to be doing so that if there's anything that any of you want to do with us, you can let us know when. And if you want to take advantage of having your own bribable chef come to visit, yes I will cook for any of you, but you have to buy the food and you need to tell me in advance what you're thinking so that I can make sure I have the right equipment with me and I can make sure I have the time. If you want our hanging out time to be me coming over and cooking dinner, I'm ok with that so long as me and Charles can eat too. Same goes for desserts. Especially desserts *grin*
Oh crap, it's getting later than I thought and I totally have a "date" tonight at 5  ;) Better go bother to put some clothes on finally.


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