May. 22nd, 2009

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Oh man is the house so trashed. With both of us putting in so much overtime these last 2 weeks, we just haven't cared at all what the place looks like. It's gonna take me most of the day to whip this place back into shape. This is at least partially assuaged by the fact that I can listen to the new Greenday c.d. *grin*
Last night we hit Panera and hung out at Barnes and Nobles for about an hour. I was behind on paying attention to c.d. releases and had just this week realized that was out, so I snapped it up. Then we saw Battle for Terra which really, really is to this younger generation what Ferngully was to mine. The whole thing smacks of  "Don't you feel ashamed to be human? Aren't you horrified by the way we treat our planet?" To which I answer "well yes, but." It's like the white man guilt I get when I do things like see the Tecumseh show in Dayton, OH or you watch/read/etc _anything_ about slavery. Yes, I feel horrible, but I am not personally responsible, and there's nothing much I can do. I think the only reason it even remotely made me feel that way is because for the rest of this week, the papers I was scoring had a prompt that asked the kids what can be done to help preserve our resources and save the planet, which means that I spent roughly 32 hours reading about how we waste everything. Guilt trip all day long, man. And hell, Charles and I are about as big of hippies as you can get without being a full on tree hugger, lol.
Tomorrow we hit the Ren Faire finally! It's not there much longer and we will be back in Ohio soon, so it was either this weekend or next, and next is Pirate weekend. I refuse to go then. Damn pirates. This is the first time I think I've gone with just my significant other to any ren fest ever. We're kind of looking forward to that, cause most of the time we end up having a hard time with scheduling in whate events who wants to go to. Tomorrow we can just wander aimlessly, snacking on giant turkey legs and desserts as we go. We don't even care that it's supposed to rain a bit tomorrow, since it's supposed to be in the high 70's.
Two weeks exactly til I come home! YAY! Oh, and can did it turn out to be a really good things that Charles and I are always paranoid. Remember how we wanted to come home next week but gave ourselves a week of cushion between his site closing and us leaving? Damn good thing. Projects ran late and leases got extended by a few days. In the end, Charles is supposed to be done on the 3rd and we're supposed to leave on the 5th. That gives us only the one day to plan things out and get packed up and stuff. And that's if everything goes right and he doesn't have to do soething on the 4th. Cause that's technically when the lease goes to now. Cuttin' it close!
Alright, I need to find some food and get started on this disaster.
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I have a really spiffy looking Cancer astrological symbol necklace that I don't want. It got missed in the great Ebay purge of 2009 and I'm thinking I'm too lazy to post up just one thing and then have to deal with running to the post office and all that nonsense. I like the necklace but I almost never wear jewelry (the whole chef thing and all...) and most of it I'm just giving to my little sister, but she isn't a Cancer and would have no use for it (plus the symbol looks eerily like it says "69" and that would be extra creepy to give to my 13 year old sister, lol).
So anybody a Cancer or know someone who is?


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