May. 27th, 2009

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Today is officially made of suck. I don't feel well at all, I'm tired and groggy from the feeling sick, and I'm bored. The boredom is a two-fold of I don't really have anything useful to be doing and anything not useful that I can think of doing is being prevented by me feeling like crap. *sigh* On top of it all I can think about is that next week I get to go back home! And I'm irritated with waiting. We have no interesting plans between then and now and I have practically run out of projects around the house to do. I think the only thing I have left is the small pile of clothes that needed some type of repairs and I did half of those while I was bored and on the phone with my mom 2 nights ago. And at the rate I devour books, I'm getting tired of reading. I seriously polished off one of my longer books in less than a day just now, and it only took that long cause I had errands to run for a few hours yesterday and all evening Charles and I watched tv. Oh and I bet my newest video game too. I'm at such a loss, hence the rambling on here... Man, at least working the last month I was getting paid to be this bored, lol.
Ah ha! I have a million pictures I've been meaning to post up! I will do this. Be forewarned.


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