Jun. 1st, 2009

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We leave for Ohio this Friday!!!
So for those of you concerned, here is an update (and probably the best one you are likely to get.)

FRIDAY:  We are leaving at the crack of dawn Friday, dropping off Mercury at Jenna's house 2 hours-ish later (aiming for like 8 AM at the earliest Jen), and then driving all fricking day. We will get into town probably fairly late in the afternoon or the early evening and will be going to drop off Phineas at my mom's house, then heading to Charles' parents house where we are staying.
SAT: We are planning to spend the majority of this day with Charles' fam to my knowledge since Becky is leaving to go back to NY the next day.
SUN: Our only official plan involves the Akron Art Museum b/c we want to see it now that they've redone it and it's free the first Sunday of the month (score!). DOES ANYONE ELSE WANT TO JOIN US?
Beyond this, all plans are TBA and here's the deal: now that it's closer I'm assuming most of you know what your week looks like next week. Tell me what it is! If there are days you have an open slot tell me. If there are days that really really don't work for you, tell me that too. Also, I am going to post up a list of other things that we want to do and if you want to claim any of them you can do so. I don't think there's any specific plans that we don't want people along for (aside from the one exception that will be noted).

Stuff we want have to do:
  • Muggswiggz
  • Cleveland ( Art Museum, Tower City Mall, and the West Side Market. This can only happen on Mon, Wed, or Fri and preferrably not Fri, cause I want to buy stuff to cook w./ sooner than that so this depends a lot on what we're doing with who when)
  • Portage Lakes beach
  • Friendlies!
  • Hartville Kitchen (maybe?)
  • Kenmore Komics
  • Walk around Hudson and play in the shops
  • Hiking in random Metro Parks
Also: Ryan and Christina! If my memory serves me right at all, Sat. is like the only day that really works good for you guys, right? I was thinking maybe we could hit up Rolling Greens Mini-golf :) If you wanted to get food in conjunction or something that's cool.

Also also: There will be one day mostly devoted to hanging out w./ Caity. We are planning to go to Swenson's, the Gorge, then Summit mall for Chinese and getting her ears pierced finally.

AlsoX3: I am so for serious that I will cook for any of you if you ask me too. Like I said before, I don't mind at all, I just need some forewarning. Like the before I leave type. Here and now is a good spot to do that.


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