Jun. 26th, 2009

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With all the craziness that's been going on with the vacation and house shopping and a couple other things going on, I have been letting something really important slip out of my sight: COSTUMING!
I realize to those of you more normal people that are on my f-list that this might seem bizarre, but I am not exaggerating at the importance. Last year I went to Dragon*Con costume-less. Me. I went with nothing but street clothes. It was a sad, sad thing. At that point though, I could barely afford to go just the day I was in BHPS and if it hadn't been for Charles picking up an extra day of work that Sat. neither of us would have been able to afford to go on Monday. That meant there was no money for costumes at all. However this year, not only will I be there being staff for all 4 days, but I have just found out which items I will be in charge of, two of which are costuming related. Let's also not forget that I'm Willow in BHPS again as well as Penny in Dr. Horrible. This is a lot of costuming. An almost overwhelming level, lol.
 So I'm going to do what all my other D*C buddies have been doing and make a list of costumes to help me get a feel for where I'm at which this, what I need to work on, and get some suggestions.

Costume list and pics )

Now beyond these costumes, I don't know what to do for the other 2 days of D*C. I _could_ just wear one of the outfits from one of the shows, but I'd really only want to do that if I got desparate.
I was thinking of wearing one of Willow's outfits from the comics for the day I'm on the comics panel. I just don't know which one. I think it might be cool, especially since I'll be sitting there with Scott and Georges (have I mentioned how I'm afraid that I will simply freeze and find nothing to say to any of these people I am a total fan gril for?) I've even mildly toyed with doing evil future Willow, but that will get time consuming, and I don't think I'd have time to pull that off.
I really want to keep my costumes just to Whedon stuff this year what with it being my first year on the track. A bunch of them are doing Repo, and while I adore Repo, I can't see me pulling off any of the characters that well. I also can't see me pulling off anyone on Firefly/Serenity or Angel very well. Which basically means I'm left with Willow, lol. Cause honestly, how do you cosplay anyone from Dollhouse?
So anyone have any great ideas? Any iconic Willow outfits (aside from Dark Willow or Goddess Willow... I hate wigs, lol) that you would like to see done? Come on Whedon people, there's a ton of you on my f-list!


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