Jul. 4th, 2009

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Things are going well on the costuming. I am officially done with all the sewing and reworking I needed to do and have moved on to painting on "embroidery." Last night I went to bed at around 6 am because I spent the entire night painting five bazillion teeny tiny flowers onto the skirt for my Fluffy Willow costume. I was annoying by this. See, my 12" Sideshow doll of this costume turns out to not be so accurate. They have just but a bunch of little dots on the skirt. I went to look at the episode so I could get a better look at the patches on the sweater and discovered that they were in fact tiny stylized daisies of multiple sizes. *sigh* I want to count them to see how many I painted, but I don't know how to do that without losing track. Or feeling like a loser, lol.
All I know is it made me take a break today from the painting so I'm putting off stenciling the stuff for my Penny costumes until at least tomorrow.
Currently I am really pumped because today we found the stuff I need to make the top for my vamp Willow costume. I love thrifting. I found this gigantic real black leather skirt today for $3.25. It's floor length and made for a rather large woman, which means I have enough to do everything I need. I also found a pleather jacket for cheap, so I think I'm actually going to use that as the base to be modified and use as little from the skirt as possible (cause hey, you never know when you're gonna want a giant swathe of black leather for something). This does mean I'm going to have to essentially make that shirt from scratch, which is going to be tough. I don't have a lot of experience sewing leather, but I've self-taught everything else as I went, so hopefully this will just mean one more thing I feel comfortable doing later.
No plans really for the 4th tomorrow. We were gonna try to get together with some friends we haven't seen forever, but they're out of town. Also, we are lazy and try to avoid going outside in July down here, lol. Right now the plan seems to be to sit around the apartment playing video games, watching movies, working on costumes (ie: a normal Sat.) but to later cook some sausages on the George Foreman grill (oh soon, ina  few months, I will have a real grill once we have a house! Yay for real grillables next weekend!)

And now to keep track of my progress and to help keep me organized, my costume list update:


  • BHPS Pink Willow outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny Freeze Ray outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny My Eyes outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny Penny's Song outfit
Not finished
  • BHPS Purple Willow outfit- fix skirt
  • Dr. H Penny Caring Hands outfit- rip up keans, stencil jacket
  • Dr. H. Penny Everyone's a Hero outfit- stencil jacket
  • Fluffy Willow- Attach patches and daisy border, buy white tights
  • Vamp Willow- Sew shirt, buy fabric for sleeves and ruffles and sew them on
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Today turned out pretty well and not at all boring after all. I slept in til almost noon, watched some Jack Hanna thing with tigers in it, and then got caught up in working on costumes. That lead me to actually watching Dr. Horrible on the DVD for only the 2nd time since I got it. It might seem weird, but I really only bought it to both support the project and get to watch "Commentary: The Musical" and I watch it on Hulu any time that I want to see it. The reason it's important that I watched it today is because first off I realized I had never watched it with the _actual_ commentary turned on, only the musical version, and it turns out they are completely unrelated and the commentary that is not sung is a real commentary. I felt dumb for missing that. I also found 2 out of 3 of the Easter Eggs on my own. I admit I cheated and looked up the 3rd one which turned out to be the most obvious one, which was why I overlooked it, lol. I won't post them up here unless someone asks, but I will you you these hints: 1. check out the subtitles 2. Pay attention to the names in the scene selection 3. Watch the "Making of" special all the way through the credits. If you haven't found them yet that will give you a good start, but it will be a multi-step process, even involving google, I warn you.
After that fun, Charles and I went and had a picnic at the Chattahoochie River park, fed a baby duck, and walked around a bit. Then we came home and watched the Sixth Sense. There were fireworks nearby somewhere that kept trying to drown out the movie.
On the topic of the 6th Sense, this is only the 2nd time I have watched it either. They did in fact do a good job with all their rules and stuff to make it beleivable that he was dead on 2nd watch through. However, I totally remember the ghosts being creepier and the movie in general being better. With that last atrocity of a movie M. Night made, and finally watching The Village a few weeks ago that got a "meh" from me since I completely figured out the twist like 15 minutes into the movie, and then this rewatching of one of the "classics" being kind of a nostalgia let down... makes me a bit concerned.  I don't know if I should watch Signs again. Hm.

I totally forgot to mention this: Holy crap, his wife is Adelle in Dollhouse. I love watching older movies and recognizing people like this.


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