Jan. 4th, 2010

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I realized today that I haven't made a real update since before we moved into the new house *headpalm* I'll try to make this brief and still hit the main points.
We got moved in (thank to Gus, Celestine, and Steven) the day after Thanksgiving. At that point, there was still a lot of work to be done, so we mostly lived out of boxes. I managed to get the kitchen and dining room put together decently quick and within he first week we got the family room carpeted and thus moved/unpacked all that. Since then I've been mostly working upstairs, trying to get everything up there painted. All that's left now is the room and closet doors which should get done this week. We still have no carpet up here because that is waiting for the handy 1st time home buyer's stimulus check (which takes _forever_). That is one of the few downsides to having bought an enormous house; carpeting costs a lot for this much floor.
Thanks to the constant (but fun!) interruptions of the holidays and other such things, the house working slowed significantly for a few weeks, but I did manage to get some stuff done. The library is now mostly finished. There are now _6_ matching shelves all assembled and filled with fanatically organized books. Mind you, those 6 still don't fit the gaming books, 3 boxes of comics, or the graphic novels, lol. We're nerds and it's awesome. Also, this last weekend, I completely stripped and redid the 1/2 bath. The idiots had wallpapered over another of layer of wallpaper that they had attempted to strip off. This meant I was dealing with everything from 2 full layers to gouges in the wall board and everything imaginable in between. It took a ton of spackle, lots of sanding, and an entire day to smooth everything out, but you can't even tell what a mess it was now! At this point I'm now working on painting doors and trim downstairs which is gonna take up this entire week I expect.
I non-house stuff, I've been a lot more social lately than normal and I'm oddly not feeling the urge to slink away and hide for a few weeks afterwords. I used to be with people all the time in Ohio and I think my enjoyment of that is possibly finally coming back. You know, now that I've moved even farther from everyone I know, lol.
I'm also now hardcore looking for a job. This had unfortunate timing what with the holidays since no one that can hire was anywhere to be found, nor was my career service guy from school. I've applied for 2 jobs (technically 5, since there was 2 locations for 1 and 3 for the other!) and feel like either of them would be do-able and would have a good chance at my getting them. Hell, I wouldn't even mind taking them both since the one is part time and they wouldn't conflict ever, but that's wishful thinking since neither has called back yet, lol. Pastry chefs just aren't in high demand right now with this economy. We cost a lot and nasty frozen desserts shipped in from some company don't. I've always said I'd work retail before I work hot food. I stick to that. I'm also trying to not panic cause it's really only been 1 day since people were back in office after the holidays. I just feel back and like I'm this big bum now cause I just hang around our house all day. Charles tells me it's ok cause I spend all day working on the house and still cook him dinner when he gets home, lol.
So there ya go, a real update. Look for another in a few months when I remember again -_- ha.


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