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I have amazingly whipped myself into a frenzy of costuming! This is despite the fact that I am halfway through finally playing Majora's Mask (the only Zelda I haven't beaten) now that I finally got my expansion pak from ebay so it would work on my system.
Yesterday I made my skirt for fluffy Willow, hemmed up the one shirt for Penny during Penny's Song, and made my stripey arm warmers for Penny during My Eyes. BTW, my arm warmers rock! I think that they are going to find their way into my normal wardrobe ^^
Today I sewed with stripey ribbon on the aforementioned Penny shirt, finally found correct looking butterfly patches to finish of the giant collection of patches that get sewn onto my fluffy Willow costume, and I'm just about to cut up and hem the sweater and pants for Penny My Eyes costume as well. The goal is to have at least that much done tonight and possibly to do a bit more even.
I think tomorrow is going to involve me coated up to my elbows in acrylic paint and textile medium as I have like 4 different pieces that need detailing done on them. The way I figure, most of these things I would never find appliques or anything even remotely close and I don't embroider and even if one of those two things were possible it would be too expensive or time consuming. Since I paint pretty well and am fairly quick at it, meh close enough.

And yes, I know I get kind of crazy about my costuming. It is in fact a point of pride to me that I do. Aside from food, costuming comes next in perfectionistic insanity. Yes, even though half of these costumes I'm slaving over will only be seen from out in a crowd while I'm on a stage with questionable spot light work for a matter of minutes. It doesn't matter to me. I want my costume to be accurate to every detail possible and have finished hems. I'm sure there's a normal people correlation somewhere for this. Like maybe those chicks who won't even run to the grocery store if they haven't put on make-up and checked their hair. I feel like my costumes reflect upon me somehow. Just hush and let me have my insanity ^_~
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