Jul. 15th, 2009 12:51 am
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I just put the last touches on the last of the Penny outfits for Dr. Horrible! That means that aside from patching up the one skirt for Willow, I have all the costumes I need for the 2 shows completely done!
On a related note, my pink and fluffy Willow costume is like 95% done. I ran out of the hideous daisy trim because I guesstimated wrong. However, I'm taking a trip to Joann's tomorrow and can pick that up then, and with about 30 minutes of hand stitching it will be done.
 The vamp Willow costume on the other hand has hit a hiatus. I discovered on my last trip to Joann's that apparently no one sells the one piece of hardware I really need to make the corset-ey shirt thing. I had to order it from a special corsetry store online last Thursday and they apparently (according to their tracker) have not even shipped it yet. *sigh*
 I suppose that's ok though because right now I really need to be focusing on other people's costumes. I feel like now that I have at least 2 done for myself and the option of wearing any of the *thinks* 7 from the shows I'm in if need be, that I should get to work on everyone else's since at this point I can make-do if I have to.
 This means that first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to make up some pseduo-pattern pieces for Ziggy's Graverobber coat so that I can figure out how much fabric to tell her to order and quote her a price. Then I'm gonna start on one of Meg's 2 outfits that I'm working on since today we bought everything she needs. I am commiting myself to doing that the entire rest of the day until Charles comes home because I really have no excuse not to.
After Charles gets home though, the night is filled. Eat some awesome leftovers (I made pulled pork sammiches tonight for the first time. They were not half bad for an experiment), hit up Joann's again (for stuff to finish of my Willow stuff, look for fur for Zig's coat, and look for glue guns to base 2 Zydrate guns on) and then we get to go see Harry Potter! :D
I'm definitely starting to panic about Dragon*Con, btw. So much stuff to do in so little time! Speaking of which, I should get to bed so I don't sleep all morning tomorrow and can get on this stuff asap!

Date: 2009-07-15 07:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tankfreak.livejournal.com
I thought you were ordering the fabric and including it in the price? I have no credit money for awhile, only cash I've been squirreling away :/


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