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We ended up owning the first 4 seasons of House thanks to Charles' parents and a co-worker who gifted it to them. When I am not stuck staring at a freeze frame of one screen while working on a costume, I watch House to keep me from going insane sitting around all day sewing, painting, measuring, etc. I have discovered that although I have watched House on t.v. a ton, I have missed a lot of episodes. The other things that's neat is seeing who the sick person of the day is. I remember getting all excited for the episode that it was Felecia Day, but watching the older ones you discover people you know in episodes you had already seen.
For instance the episode I watched today featured Harry Lennix, also known as Boyd Langton, Echo's handler in Dollhouse. It also had the main guy from Ghost Whisperer (which I watch sometimes if I'm bored) as a kinda douchey dr. from L.A. The very 1st ep of House has the bitchy chick agent from the Mentalist as the sick person of the week. I look forward to finding more people that I didn't know then and do now.
Also, as a related aside, how the _hell_ did I miss the fact that Harry Lennix was Lock in the Matrix trilogy?!? I couldn't stand his character, but still, for my mind to completely blank him out is just weird. I always fail so hard at recognizing people. It just makes me feel like I need to IMDB every single character in everything I watch.

Date: 2009-07-16 06:38 am (UTC)
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I love House. I'd watch it more often if it wasn't SO formulaic!


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