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For some reason it was yesterday that the panic about D*C hit me. I was expecting it to hit this weekend while practicing for the shows. Instead it waited until after I got all the stuff I needed to work on Meg's costumes and I got ordered the main fabric I needed for Ziggy's. It's always the pressure of knowing that other people are relying on me that makes me start to panic and start staying up late to work on stuff.
I've actually got a lot done in the last few days though. I have as much as possible done on Meg's Dawn princess dress for BHPS. The thing I forgot to take into account is that aside from getting the top itself made, I also have to get it attached to the skirt _before_ I can put in the giant velcro strip that will allow us to have her "magically" change costume on stage. That requires having her here because I really don't want to try to estimate that based on measurements. And since I didn't finish it until this afternoon and she is gonna be out of state for 2 weeks, that goes on hiatus. But hey, I'm just happy that in roughly one day of really slow sewing (aka: watching tv while working) I managed to bang that sucker out despite the stupid sheer fabric. Ha.
I also finished up pink fluffy WIllow. I wanted to put it all on tonight and get Charles to take a pic, but it turns out that the tights I bought are awful and I will need to drop some actual money because the cheap ones I got are awful. Any idea where I can find white _women's_ tights? Neither Walmart nor Target had any except the awful super sheer ones that are the most horribly sized things I ever seen. I was so close to being done.
I also have figured out how I'm making the 2 Zydrate guns I'm doing. They're going to be _very_ different styles and I'm looking forward to playing with them.
Tomorrow I have the option of working on my vamp Willow top or Meg's Shiloh dress. It will really depend on what mood I wake up in. I can't work on Zig's stuff yet cause I hafta wait for stuff to come in the mail. Boo.
I'm really doubting getting to make other costumes for myself at this point, but we'll see. So long as everyone else's stuff is done and I have practiced both my roles enough and figured out the other staff stuff I have to do.... right...

when do we get to see pics

Date: 2009-07-20 12:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
of these creations?

by the way, how is job hunting and house hunting going?


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