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  • BHPS Pink Willow outfit
  • BHPS Purple Willow outfit- fixed!
  • Dr. H. Penny Freeze Ray outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny My Eyes outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny Penny's Song outfit
  • Dr. H Penny Caring Hands outfit- (decided not to rip up the jeans... cheapskateyness won over accuracy, lol)
  • Dr. H. Penny Everyone's a Hero outfit
  • Fluffy Willow
  • Vamp Willow (except the bottom hem since the pants don't fit quite yet so I don't know where to hem the shirt...)
Not finished
  • Meg's BHPS Princess Dawn dress- can't finish til she comes back, but just needs hems and velcro
  • Meg's Repo! Shilo dress- Not even started yet. That is this weekend's project
  • Ziggy's Repo! GraveRobber coat- Waiting for the fabric to show up in the mail. Also waiting on a fur sample.
  • Possible costume for me that I'm looking into that isn't even planned, let alone started
Props I need to make/find/remember to take
  • Ziggy and Terry's Zydrate gun- waiting on the plastic test tubes to show up... want them now! I could finish them today!
  • Make bloody plastic shrapnel for Dr. H Penny costume to stick to my stomach
  • Sparkly streamers for magic in BHPS?
  • Dr. H- Laundry basket and laundry, clipboard and papers, frozen yogurt containers and sporks
The good news is I will have no problem finishing almost all of this up next week. Charles will be out of state from this sat. to next sun. and I will be sitting around with nothing to distract me.

Date: 2009-08-14 04:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Dr. H- Laundry basket and laundry, clipboard and papers, frozen yogurt containers and sporks

Will we be able to borrow this stuff for Dr. H Cast 1?? I know that I for one don't look forward to carrying laundry baskets on the plane down from maryland...


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