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I'm starting to get really burnt out on the costumes. Something about that final all-night push to get both Zydrate guns finished seemed to be the straw that broke my back, lol. Well that and the complete despair that Monday sent me into.
 I had my heart set on pulling off a really hard costume. I wanted to do evil Willow from the future from Buffy Season 8 comics. I wanted to wear it on Sat. I mean how perfect, I would get to wear it in front of Georges and Scott, kinda like a tribute to their hard work, I would get to wear it to the costuming panel and contest, and then I could have a floofy dress to wear to the shindig (hey, even evil chicks party, right?) I was really pumped. Except Monday I went to my eye dr. and she refused to prescribe the black-out contacts that I could afford because she "wasn't familiar with the brand and didn't feel comfortable prescribing them." The only option she gave me for something close to them was the Wild Eyes brand, which are twice the price and don't cover enough with black :( I'm not paying like $150 for somehting I'm not even happy with. I thought I'd just do the costume without them, and get a pair for next year, so I headed to Joann's. I found _everything_ I needed in the exact colors. It was perfect... except that there was only 2 yards of the wine colored fabric that I needed like 9 yards of. And that's all that exists cause it's been discontinued in that color. There was nothing else that looked good, and only the discontinued one matches the crazy lace I needed too. So I gave up. This was gonna be an expensive costume and there's no way I'm paying that much money if I won't be happy because all I'll be able to see is that it's the wrong color :( So now I'm back to only having 2 costumes. Boo!
 I think we're supposed to wear our track staff shits on Friday anyways, so that will make me feel better about not having a costume then, but I'm still irritated that Monday I won't have a costume. I might have to wear something from one of the shows. Which sucks.
 In mildly related news, my diet is seemingly going very well! I have been exercising almost every day, sometimes more than once and I've been super conscious of everything I eat and drink. Last night I had a dream about being the size I used to and I woke up kinda like "It is totally worth eating crappy food and being gross and sweaty for an hour every day!" Even better, I have measurable results already and it hasn't even been 2 weeks! I don't own a scale and I never take measurements cause I don't think either is a good reflection of... well, pretty much anything. Instead I go by how my clothes fit. In this instance, specifically by how my leather Vampire Willow pants fit. When I bought them I couldn't get them anywhere close to being pulled up and I thought the zipper was going to rip out it was so far from moving, lol. This morning I tried them on again. The crotch of the pants is only like an inch below where it should be, and I can zip the zipper up about and inch and a half! And I've still got like 5 weeks to go! Woo! And even better, these pants are a size 6, most of my clothes is a size 8. Most of the stuff I fit in comfortabley lately is a size 12 :( Today I might have to go try on stuff from my "this doesn't fit over my ass" pile and see if I can wear it again! :)

New finished stuff:

  • Both Zydrate guns! Pics are up on facebook if you wanna see them. They're in my cosplay album. They are made of win :)
  • Found both red and silver tinsel at the dollar store. Didn't buy it cause I wanted to make sure I had the right colors. Going back for it today! Yay, magics to swirl in the air!
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