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We leave for Ohio this Friday!!!
So for those of you concerned, here is an update (and probably the best one you are likely to get.)

FRIDAY:  We are leaving at the crack of dawn Friday, dropping off Mercury at Jenna's house 2 hours-ish later (aiming for like 8 AM at the earliest Jen), and then driving all fricking day. We will get into town probably fairly late in the afternoon or the early evening and will be going to drop off Phineas at my mom's house, then heading to Charles' parents house where we are staying.
SAT: We are planning to spend the majority of this day with Charles' fam to my knowledge since Becky is leaving to go back to NY the next day.
SUN: Our only official plan involves the Akron Art Museum b/c we want to see it now that they've redone it and it's free the first Sunday of the month (score!). DOES ANYONE ELSE WANT TO JOIN US?
Beyond this, all plans are TBA and here's the deal: now that it's closer I'm assuming most of you know what your week looks like next week. Tell me what it is! If there are days you have an open slot tell me. If there are days that really really don't work for you, tell me that too. Also, I am going to post up a list of other things that we want to do and if you want to claim any of them you can do so. I don't think there's any specific plans that we don't want people along for (aside from the one exception that will be noted).

Stuff we want have to do:
  • Muggswiggz
  • Cleveland ( Art Museum, Tower City Mall, and the West Side Market. This can only happen on Mon, Wed, or Fri and preferrably not Fri, cause I want to buy stuff to cook w./ sooner than that so this depends a lot on what we're doing with who when)
  • Portage Lakes beach
  • Friendlies!
  • Hartville Kitchen (maybe?)
  • Kenmore Komics
  • Walk around Hudson and play in the shops
  • Hiking in random Metro Parks
Also: Ryan and Christina! If my memory serves me right at all, Sat. is like the only day that really works good for you guys, right? I was thinking maybe we could hit up Rolling Greens Mini-golf :) If you wanted to get food in conjunction or something that's cool.

Also also: There will be one day mostly devoted to hanging out w./ Caity. We are planning to go to Swenson's, the Gorge, then Summit mall for Chinese and getting her ears pierced finally.

AlsoX3: I am so for serious that I will cook for any of you if you ask me too. Like I said before, I don't mind at all, I just need some forewarning. Like the before I leave type. Here and now is a good spot to do that.

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Today is officially made of suck. I don't feel well at all, I'm tired and groggy from the feeling sick, and I'm bored. The boredom is a two-fold of I don't really have anything useful to be doing and anything not useful that I can think of doing is being prevented by me feeling like crap. *sigh* On top of it all I can think about is that next week I get to go back home! And I'm irritated with waiting. We have no interesting plans between then and now and I have practically run out of projects around the house to do. I think the only thing I have left is the small pile of clothes that needed some type of repairs and I did half of those while I was bored and on the phone with my mom 2 nights ago. And at the rate I devour books, I'm getting tired of reading. I seriously polished off one of my longer books in less than a day just now, and it only took that long cause I had errands to run for a few hours yesterday and all evening Charles and I watched tv. Oh and I bet my newest video game too. I'm at such a loss, hence the rambling on here... Man, at least working the last month I was getting paid to be this bored, lol.
Ah ha! I have a million pictures I've been meaning to post up! I will do this. Be forewarned.
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I have a really spiffy looking Cancer astrological symbol necklace that I don't want. It got missed in the great Ebay purge of 2009 and I'm thinking I'm too lazy to post up just one thing and then have to deal with running to the post office and all that nonsense. I like the necklace but I almost never wear jewelry (the whole chef thing and all...) and most of it I'm just giving to my little sister, but she isn't a Cancer and would have no use for it (plus the symbol looks eerily like it says "69" and that would be extra creepy to give to my 13 year old sister, lol).
So anybody a Cancer or know someone who is?
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Oh man is the house so trashed. With both of us putting in so much overtime these last 2 weeks, we just haven't cared at all what the place looks like. It's gonna take me most of the day to whip this place back into shape. This is at least partially assuaged by the fact that I can listen to the new Greenday c.d. *grin*
Last night we hit Panera and hung out at Barnes and Nobles for about an hour. I was behind on paying attention to c.d. releases and had just this week realized that was out, so I snapped it up. Then we saw Battle for Terra which really, really is to this younger generation what Ferngully was to mine. The whole thing smacks of  "Don't you feel ashamed to be human? Aren't you horrified by the way we treat our planet?" To which I answer "well yes, but." It's like the white man guilt I get when I do things like see the Tecumseh show in Dayton, OH or you watch/read/etc _anything_ about slavery. Yes, I feel horrible, but I am not personally responsible, and there's nothing much I can do. I think the only reason it even remotely made me feel that way is because for the rest of this week, the papers I was scoring had a prompt that asked the kids what can be done to help preserve our resources and save the planet, which means that I spent roughly 32 hours reading about how we waste everything. Guilt trip all day long, man. And hell, Charles and I are about as big of hippies as you can get without being a full on tree hugger, lol.
Tomorrow we hit the Ren Faire finally! It's not there much longer and we will be back in Ohio soon, so it was either this weekend or next, and next is Pirate weekend. I refuse to go then. Damn pirates. This is the first time I think I've gone with just my significant other to any ren fest ever. We're kind of looking forward to that, cause most of the time we end up having a hard time with scheduling in whate events who wants to go to. Tomorrow we can just wander aimlessly, snacking on giant turkey legs and desserts as we go. We don't even care that it's supposed to rain a bit tomorrow, since it's supposed to be in the high 70's.
Two weeks exactly til I come home! YAY! Oh, and can did it turn out to be a really good things that Charles and I are always paranoid. Remember how we wanted to come home next week but gave ourselves a week of cushion between his site closing and us leaving? Damn good thing. Projects ran late and leases got extended by a few days. In the end, Charles is supposed to be done on the 3rd and we're supposed to leave on the 5th. That gives us only the one day to plan things out and get packed up and stuff. And that's if everything goes right and he doesn't have to do soething on the 4th. Cause that's technically when the lease goes to now. Cuttin' it close!
Alright, I need to find some food and get started on this disaster.
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Well my brief stint of work is over with. Thank goodness. Not only is it a job that I don't really enjoy terribly much, but I also worked so many hours of overtime that it was ridiculous. I think my record for being there in one day was 13 hours straight, and keep in mind that's not including the 45 minute drive on either side of it. Ugh.
Of course now this means that I am back to my boring life of never leaving the apartment. In some ways though, this is quite alright with me. I have noticed that lately I have become quite the misanthrope. It's kind of weird. Back in Ohio when I was in school I was a bizarre little social butterfly, flitting around with plans all the week long. Even when stuff came up that I didn't really feel like doing, I would still go just because I "didn't want to miss out on anything." Now it takes something like a semi-required Dragon*Con meeting to pry me out of the house to see people I like. Charles tells me that me deciding now that I don't like people has the worst timing ever since we are going back home in *looks at calendar* 2 weeks and 1 day. There we will be spending a solid 9 days jam packed with hanging out and doing stuff. This, however, will be different, so I'm not worried.
In the meantime I suppose I should be looking into getting a job. I loathe the idea really. I mean, nobody likes working (obviously) but for some reason, I just really really don't want to get a job right now. There's all this stuff that needs doing that work will interfere with. And it's not even like it's frivolous stuff, either. Bah. I'm really hoping for that one job still, but I don't know if I should apply now or wait until after my trip home. I don't want them to try and call here at the apt. while we're gone and then think I'm not interested and I really don't want them to call me back and offer me a job before I go and have to try to work around that either. I don't think that it's the kind of thing where the opportunity to work there will just disappear either since they have like 4 locations that are all hiring. I think I will put it off til we come back. Well, there, that's decided.
Anyways, back to the trip itself. SUPER EXCITED!!! OMG, I miss all you guys so much. The closer it gets, the more I'm reminded of this giant painful chunk of me missing. I think I've gotten in touch with everyone back home that I'm going to make sure I see at this point, and everyone will be around and with at least some free time. Charles and I have been working on a list of things we want to do, and it's getting huge, lol. Once it gets a little closer to the date (June 6-14) I will definitely post up something about what stuff we're going to be doing so that if there's anything that any of you want to do with us, you can let us know when. And if you want to take advantage of having your own bribable chef come to visit, yes I will cook for any of you, but you have to buy the food and you need to tell me in advance what you're thinking so that I can make sure I have the right equipment with me and I can make sure I have the time. If you want our hanging out time to be me coming over and cooking dinner, I'm ok with that so long as me and Charles can eat too. Same goes for desserts. Especially desserts *grin*
Oh crap, it's getting later than I thought and I totally have a "date" tonight at 5  ;) Better go bother to put some clothes on finally.
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Because if I can have one, I would like to shoot myself in the brain and make myself forget the last 2 hours of my life that I wasted in the theater.

The Wolverine movie was terrible and I don't know that I want to discuss it. It may just be too painful an experience. They ruined so many characters in such a short amount of time. They changed powers, they changed back stories (including the one the effing movie was about!), they not only messed with the Marvelverse continuum (which we expect, see X-Men movies 1-3) but they can't even keep THEIR OWN storyline straight. If we ignore the entire X-Men archive and look only at their own movies, things still don't mesh up. Not even close. It's like they sent the story through the teleporter and there was a malfunction and it came out almost the same, but just a bit off so that their veins and nerves didn't line up and they just died. Oh wait, sorry, that's a Star Trek reference and that's next weekend. I'm hoping that it will go better than today. I seriously asked Charles if we could leave like 3 times throughout the movie and he said no, but merely out of train-wreck syndrome. I think he's even more pissed than me.
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It's bizarre how life can both be really rushed and crazy internally and be boring and creeping along externally. There's a lot of big decisions that Charles and I are going to be making soon. A lot of it revolves around me getting a job. What kind of job, where, full or part time, signing a contract or looking for something I can leave if need be, etc... I think I may have figured something out but I'm not discussing it for a while. I'm in this weird place in my life where if things go the way that they look like they legitimately will then I will be ecstatically happy and I feel like the more I talk about it the more I jinx it, lol. I know it's completely illogical, right? Maybe at the root of it is that the more I talk about things the more I'll get my own hopes up and the more disappointed I'll be if I have to go around telling people that something somewhere fell through. Cause the thing is, it's not like I'm unhappy now. I really love my life right now and aside from the fact that I'll need to find a job after we visit in June (since my work that starts Thursday will only last a few weeks) there is nothing I am discontent with. It's just that it could be better. Who wants good when theyn can have awesome? But really it all makes me feel a ton better now because I have a plan. Even if the plan doesn't work, I'm no longer wallowing in doubt and confusion. I'm only ever hapy if I have a plan.

In other news we went to TN this weekend. We'd been planning on going up for a long time now and it kept not working on one end or the other. We got to hang out with Jenna and Jonathan and their kids, I got to meet baby Asher finally ^^, we went to Rock City again and I finally got to go to a Mongolian BBQ place that does the "here's a bowl, fill it w./ whatever you want and we'll cook it" thing.
We brought home roughly $100 worth of books and graphic novels from McKays, a cat, and a horrendous sinus infection for me. The cat is obviously a big deal :) There's a long story about why I took my best friend's cat away, lol, but it's a good thing all around. Phineas and Mercury are attempting to adjust to each other which so far means they sleep and hide all day and rampage through the apartment all night long and keep me awake. *sigh* They better knock it off by tomorrow night cause after that I have to start getting up early to work again ;p

Which reminds me that I need to get off the computer and off my butt cause I only have 1 more day of freedom and I still have to clean out the _big_ closet. After that, the whoel has has been gone through and I have gotten rid of a TON of junk. I've taken 4 bags to Goodwill, one to Jenna, ALL the craft stuff and fabric is packed in a box for Sabrina, there's 3 bags going to my mom and lil sis, and there are currently 33 auctions going on ebay and 1 item on amazon. I love getting money for crap I would just throw out otherwise. Ok, off to clean the last thing so I can goof off tomorrow!
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So I've gotten serious about this exercise thing. I've been making sure that I DDR every single day at least once. My target every day is 300 calories burned, which DDR's exercise mode is so kind to calculate. Between that and trying to be more conscious about what I'm eating I figure that's a good minimum.
This week I added in some strength training and muscle targeting in on top of the cardio. It sucks hard, lol. I have 5 different exercises that I do right before I go to bed every other day. I figure that way I don't have to deal with the hobbling around in pain afterwords. Right now I'm at 10 reps each and holding each rep for 5 seconds.
Today I noticed that the combination of the two is definitely making a difference. Normally by the time I hit around 200 kC I'm panting and gasping and desparate to quit. Today I wasn't diong too bad, so I thought I'd go to 350. Instead I did all the way to 400 and only quit cause I figured I shouldn't push myself too hard. Woo! So I think that I'm gonna keep myself at 400 for maybe a week or so, and see where I can go from there.
See the way I figure, if I can get myself into this habit, then not only will I lose the weight I want to lose for now, but then after I've lost it, I can keep up the exercising and go back to eating junk ;)
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Ok, so here's the deal with the fabric. I'll give you the pics, the rough measurements, and the basic feel/appearance of it, but chances are I have no idea what type of material most of them are. But they're free, so whatever, right? Oh and when I say "rogh measurements" what I mean is I'm giving you the measurements of what you could cut a rectangle out of. There's usually more random parts that I can't measure cause they aren't straight lines.
Some of the stuff is only small pieces, but I know some people out there on my f-list make doll clothes and quilts and other such things that only require small pieces of fabric. All the ones that are small are neat vintage stuff that I couldn't bear to throw away.
As always, click the picture to make it bigger.

I'm numbering everything to make it easy to say if you want something or you have a question.

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I've been bored a lot lately and in an effort to alleviate that and also to keep Charles from griping about my not doing anything all day, I have been doing spring cleaning to the 9th degree. I've been going through every single closet, chest, drawer, etc. and seeing what I can throw out, reorganize, or get rid of. I have had to take out at least 3 full trash bags this week alone, lol.
I also now have a giant ass pile of things I don't want but aren't bad enough to throw away. So here's my plan. First I'll offer them to all of you, my lovely friends. Next I will put up the more decent stuff on Ebay and see if I can sell it. After that, everything that doesn't sell or wasn't good enough to sell goes on Freecycle. Anything left after that goes to Goodwill. Oh, and yes, I have/can take pics if you want.
So check it out, you all get first dibs! And for free! Just do me a favor though... only ask for it under these conditions
1. You actually will use it for sureif it's under the Ebay list. Otherwise let me sell it for $$$'s :)
2. You will come and get it from me is you live around here. Cause the idea is I _don't_ want it sitting around here. And honestly, most of you that are around here go to AI which means I'm like 8 minutes away. Come visit me, get free stuff, and probably food cause you know I feed anyone in my vicinity, ya? Just give me some advance warning so I have clothes on ;)
3. If you don't live around here, we'll figure out some way to get it to you. No, I will not wait until Con, cause again, I'm trying to get it the eff out of here and Con is a long time away. Jenna, I'm seeing you next weekend so I can bring stuff with me. Ohio people, since I'm coming up in only a few weeks, I can wait that long at least and bring it with me.

So, now I shall post a list of the crap.

List of free crap you can have! )

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I'm sure a lot of you have seen this video before. I don't care. I watch it every month or so and love it just as much every time. I figure there's some of you out there that don't live online as much as I do and haven't stumbled across this, but I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Every time I watch it I get this welling up in my chest and find myself smiling without meaning to. I know a lot of peopel I care about are having hard times lately and if I can get even one of you to smile with this, it will make my day. Psyc girl *points at self* reminds you that the muscles involved in smiling get your brain to release serotonin which is the main neurotransmitter involved in feeling happy.
I also posted up a poem after it. The beautiful song in the background is "Praan" and the poem below is what they based the lyrics off of.

Stream of Life
by Rabindranath Tagore

The same stream of life
that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world
and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life
that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth
in numberless blades of grass
and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

It is the same life
that is rocked in the ocean-cradle
of birth and of death,
in ebb and in flow.

I feel my limbs are made glorious
by the touch of this world of life.
And my pride is from the life-throb of ages
dancing in my blood this moment.

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Tired of all of those surveys made up by high school kids?! 'Have you ever kissed someone? Missed someone? Told someone you loved them? Drank alcohol?' 49 questions for the people who are a little older...
Meme )
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What does one do with photos from their first wedding when they are both very happily married currently and have no regrets about getting a divorce from the first husband but also are still really good friends with their ex and think that all pictures (especially ones you look pretty in ^^) are worth keeping because they are a record of personal history?
We got a new bed this weekend which meant moving everything out from under the old one. I found 2 under bed boxes I had forgotten I even had so I went through them today. One of them contained all kinds of junk from my 1st wedding/husband. I've moved several times since then The 1st move was when I left him and it was too soon for me to throw away a lot of that stuff. The next move was a rushed panic wherein I crammed everything in storage for 3 months before moving to ATL, and the last move was a bit unexpected and rushed also so everything just got shoved in a truck those 2 times and I never really even looked.
I did throw out most of the stuff I found. Honestly a lot of it was junk that I'm sure had some sentimental reason that I've now entirely forgotten. Some of it was stuff that was presents to me from him that back then I thought was awesome and now I'm like WTF would I ever do with that? (Like battery operated raver glow sticks. Srsly?) But then I hit the wedding pics. I don't really want to put them in with the rest of my photos, nor do I want to throw them away. And that means putting them back into storage somewhere in the house where I will forget they exist. And if that's the case, what's the point in having them? If I had them digital I would just leave a copy of the cd somewhere and call it a day but it's all old school and I am def not spending the time to scan them.

Any great ideas/opinions?

p.s. Malone people: Any of you ever lend me or Caleb an Apop cd with just versions of "Kathy's Song"? I found it in with the cds I burnt off for the wedding and haven't the slightest idea how/when it got there and I feel bad cause I know it has to be someone else's.


Apr. 13th, 2009 02:21 pm
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Ok, forgive the postwhoringness here, but I had to make a comment about this commercial I just saw.

It was for child safety in cars and the catch phrase was:

"Until they're 4'9", keep them in a booster seat"

If that's followed seriously, then I would have had to be in a booster seat until some time in high school if my memory serves. And my older sister is only like 4'10 now and she's 31.
I understand that it's probably having to do with the seatbelt's effectiveness and all, but wow.

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  1. Taking a shower in the morning means I am guaranteeing that I won't leave the house because that requires putting real clothes on.
  2. The amount of calories in one piece of cake that I ate in lieu of breakfast is equal to the amount I burn during some intense DDRing for half an hour that leaves me gasping, sweaty, and having some mild chest pain. And yet I can't decide if it's worth that or not. I _really_ like cake.
  3. It does not matter what I thought I was going to do nor how many times I get up to do something, all I'm actually going to do all day is sit around in my underwear eating junk food, watching ION television, and reading things on the icanhascheezburger network.
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And I don't mean that as a "hey you people, stop texting my phone" I mean that as "my phone no longer receives texts"
I did this on purpose. I understand that most people now liken texting (and twittering and all the other things done with buttons on phones) to breathing, but I don't text. I also don't have a texting plan. Most of the time people are really cool about that and don't text me cause they know I have to pay out the ass for it if they do, but thanks to Charles' phone getting random spam text that we cannot figure out how to get rid of, we have simply had them block texting to our phones. That means if you text me, I won't even know that you tried to do so.

(hooray for capslock!)

Someday maybe I'll bother to get texting. For me that will involve me getting a crackberry or *drool* iphone or something akin. Until then...

This has been a public service announcement ;)

(sorry for those of you who are on facebook/myspace and have to see this multiple times)
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The ceiling in the hallway outside our apartment collapsed some more last weekend. After a bunch of calls and trips to the office, I finally got them to clean up the debris, but they still haven't even looked at the roof and getting it fixed.
The good thing is that at lest this mess made them extra cooperative when I told them a list of things wrong in our bathroom. The biggest problem was that the shelf around the tub was sinking into the wall, thus making a big gap where the water from the shower was going into the wall. They actually got right on fixing that. They tore out the tiles and wood yesterday and it was disgusting and mildewy underneath. Today they rebuilt the wood part and tomorrow they're supposed to come and re-tile. We've luckily only had the cat slip past us while the door was open once which resulted in lots of bribery to get Phineas out of the molding walls and then wash him off.
The worst though is Charles' car. I'm not gonna go into the details cause it's still too frustrating to me, but the end result is that we just paid $240 to have nothing really fixed and the damn thing won't pass e-check. Since Charles' birthday is tomorrow he needs his tag renewed, but can't do that without the e-check, thus he has to get a new car. Like immediately.
There's both good and bad news to that. The good news is that we have money we can use for a big down payment and we have the time this weekend to go and car shop without completely having to give up any semblance of birthday celebration. The reason that's bad news is that I liked having that money sitting in our account as "just in case" money. Like if one of us isn't working for some reason and we would have that for a safety net. The other part of the bad news is that the only reason we have the time is because our other plans had to be moved to a much later date cause we didn't do a good job planning.
So long as everything works out, all this could really end up being better in the long run. Charles wanted a new car anyways. The tub was pooling water ont he shelf that collapsed and the grouting was looking nasty there. Maybe this time they'll actually re-do the hallway unlike in Dec. when it collapsed the 1st time.
 Well, I'm not going to think about this stuff more tonight. I have a birthday to plan ;)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]*Points over at icon* I love that icon. It's from my all time favorite episode of Buffy ever. I look for excuses to say things like "Well, look at me, I'm all fuzzy." or "This is a dumb world. In my world there are people in chains, and we can ride them like ponies." or "I'm so evil, and skanky. And I think I'm kind of gay." or "Gosh, look at those."
The unfortunate thing is I don't tend to make posts in which I say things that make that icon applicable.
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So I'm all graduated and stuff now. You'd think I'd bother to mention that on here or something. So here's a brief recap of my last week and a half:
Last week I was insanely stressed by doing my final practical. It came out well and Steven and Charles came to partake in tastiness and root me on! Thanks! Pictures should be posted soon because they are awesome :)
Monday I had my last real class and written test which went just fine. 
Between then and Thurs. I spent my almost every waking moment getting ready for Portfolio show which is a BFD. For those of you that don't know here's a summary of what that is: For the entire time at school we work on this giant project throughout all our classes. Our last semester we have our capstone class where we rework the whole thing, add more to it, and polish it. The project is basically to build a restaurant from the ground up. Literally the entire thing; menu, staffing, employee handbook, legal documents, financial forecasting, costed recipes, marketing plans, costed lists of every item we need from tables to disposable to-go cups to ovens, etc. For portfolio show I had all that bound nicely into a _TWO_ inch binder (it was several hundred pages), I made a giant tri-fold display board, had professionally printed menus and bought real menu covers to put them in, and baked a bunch of tasty things as well. Then a bunch of industry professionals come around and look at it and start grilling you on things and critiquing you.
I won best of show :) All of the chefs came up to me afterwords to tell me that my project was awesome, that they loved my menu, and that they really wished me the best of luck since they could tell this was something I really was planning on doing. They all wanted to offer me a bit of advice on a few things to continue tweaking but that on the whole it seemed very doable. There were really only 2 of them that seemed to take any issues with any of my plans, but they just really didn't get my concept so most of their comments were completely inapplicable, so whatever, lol. (Not all of us chefs want to own bougie over-priced places, tyvm)
This means that I get an announcement in papers both in ATL and back home in Manchester. I also got a diploma-ey looking thing for it. I also get to have my picture and my alumni career bio thing put up in the hallway on the 5th floor at school :) So that's kinda cool.
The same night I got 2 other awards at a little ceremony thing. I got the academic achievement award and a "contributions to the department" award. Oh, and a big almuni mug and tote bag.
Friday I went in and essentially got handed a job for a few week at Charles' company. So I have like 2 weeks left at school, roughly 2 weeks off, then 3 weeks at Char;es' work. From there I still don't know what I'm doing, but I got some time to figure it out.
And then today, my first realy day of freedom, I spent rather sick and grouchy because of the constant crappy rain. Boo. I'm hoping for better tomorrow.


Mar. 16th, 2009 12:25 am
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Ah ha! A moment of brilliance struck me this weekend and I have figured out what I want my new "graduation present" tattoo to be! I wanted it to be baking and pastry related in some way, and that was as far as I got. I kept trying to think of actual baked goods, pastries, tools I use, etc. and just hit a wall. Then I realized the one big category of things I was missing: Ingredients! And now I have got it!
I'm going to get a tattoo of a vanilla bean, coffee bean, and cocoa bean pod! My three favorite ingredients are all beans, which I had never really thought about before. Now the trick is figuring out if I want to do them to scale or make them all the same size...  A cocoa pod is at the smallest around 6" long, a vanilla bean is around 4 and of course a coffee bean is tiny. Maybe I could do a little pile of coffee beans? I dunno. The other big question is of course where to put it. It needs to be somewhere I can easily cover for job purposes but easily shown off the rest of the time if I want to. I have one on my back already and I refuse to get it really painful places like the top of my foot. Any suggestions/opinions would be awesome.
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