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This is gonna sound like a really weird request, but just bare with me alright?

Anyone who was going to get me a birthday present, don't go buying my anything just yet. I have a very weird and unique idea. It's a long and involved story about how I thought of this and why I want it so bad, but just give in to my whim just this once.

What I would like more than anything is to make a charm necklace with something from each friend. Something that would instantly make me think of me and them. Something that would have a special meaning the two of us would share. Think of it this way, you get out of having to spend much money at all, you just have to use your brain and put a lot of thought into it. It would mean more to me than anything else. I've just always been very taken with the idea of having a special necklace with a trinket from each special person in their life. I think there's always at least one person in all of the older stories I wrote that had one, and I was always jealous of my characters, lol.

I know it's a difficult and kinda selfish request, but its really important and would be really special. If you can't think of anything or I'm just plain confusing you for what I mean, just ask me lol. Just keep one thing in mind, I do plan on wearing this thing all the time, and so don't like give me something enourmous or heavy, lol.

Someday soon I promise that I'll explain, OK?

EDIT: When I say charm I dont necessarily mean like a store bought jewelry charm or something like that. Like, you can totally make something (so long as its durable, im rough on jewelry ;>) or buy something that isn't jewelry and drill/burn/poke a hole in it. Shoot, or even let me do that part if ya want, lol.


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