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Look look, I finally gave in and did the Johari window. And now you all need to go and do the other part of it so it works.
I also did this:
If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a little dog. I'm a loyal and trusting companion, always ready to protect my friends. Even if they do feed me tripe, sometimes.
Which NetHack Monster Are You?

So I'm finally going to the dentist next week, and today I get to call and schedule my first appt. with the orthpedic specialist and thus find out what I've got in store for me ;p. Work is going alright. Things with Charles are wonderful as usual; speaking of which I realize I got lazy and never posted the stuff about our Valentine's day like I said I would, so I'll do that now.
 So Thurs he got here around 9ish. He made stuffed chicken breasts and some pasta (which was _amazing_). To drink I made some raspberry italian soda amalfi. We answered the questions that we did together (that I'll get into below) while we ate and waited for dessert to finish in the oven. We started off dessert with my meringue crust filled with strawberry puree and homemade whipped cream topped with strawberries and the raspberry chocolate meringue cookies. We had some special layered milkshakes to drink with it too. Then just when he thought he was done, the oven timer goes off and I whip out a _perfect_ Chocolate Volcano Cake.(I know in the pic it looks funny ;p It was cute tho). It was a wonderful night.
 Now for the questions. A couple of them get really personal, and a couple of them might be more revealing about things than I usually care to go in public, but what the hell, too bad. If you care, then don't read them! I want to make sure I remember them.
We worked on coming up with the questions together, then answered them and wrote them down beforehand.

Q&A time! )


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