Apr. 18th, 2009

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I've been bored a lot lately and in an effort to alleviate that and also to keep Charles from griping about my not doing anything all day, I have been doing spring cleaning to the 9th degree. I've been going through every single closet, chest, drawer, etc. and seeing what I can throw out, reorganize, or get rid of. I have had to take out at least 3 full trash bags this week alone, lol.
I also now have a giant ass pile of things I don't want but aren't bad enough to throw away. So here's my plan. First I'll offer them to all of you, my lovely friends. Next I will put up the more decent stuff on Ebay and see if I can sell it. After that, everything that doesn't sell or wasn't good enough to sell goes on Freecycle. Anything left after that goes to Goodwill. Oh, and yes, I have/can take pics if you want.
So check it out, you all get first dibs! And for free! Just do me a favor though... only ask for it under these conditions
1. You actually will use it for sureif it's under the Ebay list. Otherwise let me sell it for $$$'s :)
2. You will come and get it from me is you live around here. Cause the idea is I _don't_ want it sitting around here. And honestly, most of you that are around here go to AI which means I'm like 8 minutes away. Come visit me, get free stuff, and probably food cause you know I feed anyone in my vicinity, ya? Just give me some advance warning so I have clothes on ;)
3. If you don't live around here, we'll figure out some way to get it to you. No, I will not wait until Con, cause again, I'm trying to get it the eff out of here and Con is a long time away. Jenna, I'm seeing you next weekend so I can bring stuff with me. Ohio people, since I'm coming up in only a few weeks, I can wait that long at least and bring it with me.

So, now I shall post a list of the crap.

List of free crap you can have! )

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Ok, so here's the deal with the fabric. I'll give you the pics, the rough measurements, and the basic feel/appearance of it, but chances are I have no idea what type of material most of them are. But they're free, so whatever, right? Oh and when I say "rogh measurements" what I mean is I'm giving you the measurements of what you could cut a rectangle out of. There's usually more random parts that I can't measure cause they aren't straight lines.
Some of the stuff is only small pieces, but I know some people out there on my f-list make doll clothes and quilts and other such things that only require small pieces of fabric. All the ones that are small are neat vintage stuff that I couldn't bear to throw away.
As always, click the picture to make it bigger.

I'm numbering everything to make it easy to say if you want something or you have a question.


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