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So I've gotten serious about this exercise thing. I've been making sure that I DDR every single day at least once. My target every day is 300 calories burned, which DDR's exercise mode is so kind to calculate. Between that and trying to be more conscious about what I'm eating I figure that's a good minimum.
This week I added in some strength training and muscle targeting in on top of the cardio. It sucks hard, lol. I have 5 different exercises that I do right before I go to bed every other day. I figure that way I don't have to deal with the hobbling around in pain afterwords. Right now I'm at 10 reps each and holding each rep for 5 seconds.
Today I noticed that the combination of the two is definitely making a difference. Normally by the time I hit around 200 kC I'm panting and gasping and desparate to quit. Today I wasn't diong too bad, so I thought I'd go to 350. Instead I did all the way to 400 and only quit cause I figured I shouldn't push myself too hard. Woo! So I think that I'm gonna keep myself at 400 for maybe a week or so, and see where I can go from there.
See the way I figure, if I can get myself into this habit, then not only will I lose the weight I want to lose for now, but then after I've lost it, I can keep up the exercising and go back to eating junk ;)


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