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Did you know that all it takes to trace a number that comes up as "unavailable" is one simple phone call to my service provider? All they need is the time and date of the call to hand me a name and number.

Did you also know that you can press charges for harassment about repeated calls? All _that_ takes is one call to the police.

Sometimes all it takes is 30 seconds of googling to make you feel a lot better about something :D
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Right before I got talked into getting an lj by my old friends, I had gone to this giant music festival in the middle of no where with another group of friends. On the way there they played this one band for me who I fell in love with. They were this like tribal world hippie kinda stuff that just really vibed with me right then. I spent a large part of that week watching drum circles, dancing barefoot, and stalking the band, lol. I was convinced by the time I came home that I was join some commune or something. Ya know, as soon as I finished college. -_- So I wanted something
In addition to that I had also been on a princess kick for some reason (which was hard cause I hate pink and it was difficult to find things that weren't both). I had tried some other name and it was already taken, so I ended up with this combination. And now I'm stuck with it, or else I have to refriend everyone and that would be a pain. It could be worse... you haven't seen my AIM name >_<
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I realized today that I haven't made a real update since before we moved into the new house *headpalm* I'll try to make this brief and still hit the main points.
We got moved in (thank to Gus, Celestine, and Steven) the day after Thanksgiving. At that point, there was still a lot of work to be done, so we mostly lived out of boxes. I managed to get the kitchen and dining room put together decently quick and within he first week we got the family room carpeted and thus moved/unpacked all that. Since then I've been mostly working upstairs, trying to get everything up there painted. All that's left now is the room and closet doors which should get done this week. We still have no carpet up here because that is waiting for the handy 1st time home buyer's stimulus check (which takes _forever_). That is one of the few downsides to having bought an enormous house; carpeting costs a lot for this much floor.
Thanks to the constant (but fun!) interruptions of the holidays and other such things, the house working slowed significantly for a few weeks, but I did manage to get some stuff done. The library is now mostly finished. There are now _6_ matching shelves all assembled and filled with fanatically organized books. Mind you, those 6 still don't fit the gaming books, 3 boxes of comics, or the graphic novels, lol. We're nerds and it's awesome. Also, this last weekend, I completely stripped and redid the 1/2 bath. The idiots had wallpapered over another of layer of wallpaper that they had attempted to strip off. This meant I was dealing with everything from 2 full layers to gouges in the wall board and everything imaginable in between. It took a ton of spackle, lots of sanding, and an entire day to smooth everything out, but you can't even tell what a mess it was now! At this point I'm now working on painting doors and trim downstairs which is gonna take up this entire week I expect.
I non-house stuff, I've been a lot more social lately than normal and I'm oddly not feeling the urge to slink away and hide for a few weeks afterwords. I used to be with people all the time in Ohio and I think my enjoyment of that is possibly finally coming back. You know, now that I've moved even farther from everyone I know, lol.
I'm also now hardcore looking for a job. This had unfortunate timing what with the holidays since no one that can hire was anywhere to be found, nor was my career service guy from school. I've applied for 2 jobs (technically 5, since there was 2 locations for 1 and 3 for the other!) and feel like either of them would be do-able and would have a good chance at my getting them. Hell, I wouldn't even mind taking them both since the one is part time and they wouldn't conflict ever, but that's wishful thinking since neither has called back yet, lol. Pastry chefs just aren't in high demand right now with this economy. We cost a lot and nasty frozen desserts shipped in from some company don't. I've always said I'd work retail before I work hot food. I stick to that. I'm also trying to not panic cause it's really only been 1 day since people were back in office after the holidays. I just feel back and like I'm this big bum now cause I just hang around our house all day. Charles tells me it's ok cause I spend all day working on the house and still cook him dinner when he gets home, lol.
So there ya go, a real update. Look for another in a few months when I remember again -_- ha.


Dec. 7th, 2009 10:50 am
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Ok, so 2 things:

1. Has everyone else been having the annoyance that I have with lj lately? Whenever I go to read comments on someone's post or leave my own, a video ad pops up in the middle of my screen and it darkens the post/comments behind it and it won't let me turn it off until a required amount of time has passed. I find this to be like the greatest offense with advertising EVER. No, I don't have a paid account, but this seems too far. I don't mind the ads along the side of every damn page there is, but when you are actually getting in the way of my using the damn thing and slowing down (significantly so, my computer is a '00 and it hates loading things like that) what I am trying to do online, it makes me think "Eh, I guess I don't really care about replying to this post enough to sit here and let it lag my computer and have it play obnoxious Best Buy ads at me" FAIL.

2. Are there any of you on here that I am friends with that still don't have a facebook account? Or let me rephrase that: Are there any of you on here that actually post content on here that does not get reposted over onto facebook? I know a lot of you have been doing the thing where you have it feed your post here over onto fb, which is awesome. I am really kinda over livejournal, and this ad thing may just push me over the edge. That just means that I have to get used to the idea of posting actual blog like entries over on fb myself. Considering how rarely I do that now that I can micro blog there though... Eh, mostly I'm just thinking out loud here. I dunno if I would actually completely leave lj no matter how much I would like to since I know there's a few of you diehards on here that wouldn't want to post anything bigger on fb since you friend like 5 million people on there ;)
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Bought my fridge today. Found out it was an unadvertised 10% off. Score. Sadly, they were out of black, so it's being delivered Monday. Will have to continue to live off snacks and no real food while working until then. Tuesday I will take all kinds of things with me :)
Finally finished the family room and kitchen. Like completely. All the painting, even the trim, is done and everything is cleaned. Woo.
Tomorrow I will start on the upstairs. The plan is to get all the carpet ripped up and paint all the ceilings up there. Time to figure out my tricky new ladder so I can set it up on the stairs to reach the super high ceiling there. Kinda scary.
After that, my goal is to knock out one bedroom per every 2 days. In theory that would mean in a week and a half I should be getting carpet! This genius plan will of course be thwarted by finding random WTF's. I already know one... one of the bedroom doors is missing it's strike plate door jamb. That will be interesting to replace ;p.
Going to crash now. Can't believe I'm up this late anyways.
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I've updated on fb and twitter, but realized I never posted here about the fact that we got our house on Friday!
It was a pain in the ass getting it, but it is so worth it. I realized today that our new house is bigger than either of our parent's homes and it made me happy. I don't know how much of the details I ever posted about it, but the house has 4 bedroom and 2 1/2 bathrooms with a really big yard in front and back on a quiet little cul-de-sac in the burbs. I am thrilled with it.

Now the big job begins though. The house is rather dirty. There's nothing that's not easily cleaned with a little elbow grease, but it's just me working on it alone cause Charles is at work all day. I started on Friday as soon as I had the keys in my hand and managed to get a bunch done. We both spent the weekend working on it, and I was back at it again today. We were originally thinking that we were going to have a full 2 months to work on it, but instead we have less than 5 weeks. This is thanks to the apt complex letting us only give 30 days notice instead of 60, which is awesome, cause that's less $ we have to pay for a place we don't need. I'm happy about the saving money, but I'm gonna wear myself into the ground getting this place ready so fast. I don't want to move our stuff in until everything has been scrubbed, repainted, and recarpeted.

So far I have gotten most of the downstairs done. The kitchen, 1/2 bath, living room, dining room, and hallway have all been cleaned. All that's left for those rooms is spackling, wall washing, priming, and painting. The family room is the reason I haven't gotten to that yet. I thought that was gonna be the easy room since the carpeting is getting ripped out and I don't care, which means I just had to wash the walls and windows. Except the people who lived in our house before are idiots. It turns out 2 of the walls in there are paint _over_ wallpaper >:(  I peeled up all the paint and discovered the back of the paper stayed put. I spent today wetting and first scraping then scrubbing with a paint stripping pad to get it off. I got about halfway. So frustrating. I should finish that tomorrow. The upstairs shouldn't be so bad and it's no where near as dirty. I'm hoping to be painting this weekend :D
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So since the last time I posted, I haven't made a ton of progress on anything Dragon*Con related. That's cause I was busy bein' in a movie. It wasn't a big deal, I was just a random extra which means I'll mostly just be a fuzzy blob in the background, but that's ok. I mostly did it cause, well, they were paying me! :) The long and short of it is that I was there somewhere between 12-16 hours a day, I got injured pretty badly thanks to some other extra who wasn't paying attention, and it took me 2 days of sleep after wrap to feel normal again. My leg is finally almost healed and my cold is getting better, so it's time to kick things into high gear again.
And that basically means that I'm just about to freak out. I have so many other peoples costumes that I'm working on that I haven't had a chance to 1. practice for the 2 shows 2. really think through my panel or the costume contest 3. work on my own costumes 4. exercise so I actually fit in my costumes :(  I can't even imagine if I had a permanent steady job how anything would have gotten done. That does not bode well for next year. I think next year I may have to call a moratorium on commissions for costumes. Like for everyone not me. Otherwise I don't see how I could pull this off ever again (unless somehow I become rich and never need to work again. ha).
Luckily I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel on everyone else's stuff. The only things not done are Zig's Graverobber coat and Meg's 2 dresses and all 3 of those are close. Meg tried stuff on and all I have left is to hem stuff, add in zippers, velcro, and hooks and eyes on both of those. Ziggy's coat is all stitched together as of tonight and just needs her to try it on before I can hem it and add the giant fur lapels of doom. Ah, and then it's on to all the stuff I'm actually doing as staff, lol.
Why is there less than 2 weeks to D*C? WHY?
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I'm starting to get really burnt out on the costumes. Something about that final all-night push to get both Zydrate guns finished seemed to be the straw that broke my back, lol. Well that and the complete despair that Monday sent me into.
 I had my heart set on pulling off a really hard costume. I wanted to do evil Willow from the future from Buffy Season 8 comics. I wanted to wear it on Sat. I mean how perfect, I would get to wear it in front of Georges and Scott, kinda like a tribute to their hard work, I would get to wear it to the costuming panel and contest, and then I could have a floofy dress to wear to the shindig (hey, even evil chicks party, right?) I was really pumped. Except Monday I went to my eye dr. and she refused to prescribe the black-out contacts that I could afford because she "wasn't familiar with the brand and didn't feel comfortable prescribing them." The only option she gave me for something close to them was the Wild Eyes brand, which are twice the price and don't cover enough with black :( I'm not paying like $150 for somehting I'm not even happy with. I thought I'd just do the costume without them, and get a pair for next year, so I headed to Joann's. I found _everything_ I needed in the exact colors. It was perfect... except that there was only 2 yards of the wine colored fabric that I needed like 9 yards of. And that's all that exists cause it's been discontinued in that color. There was nothing else that looked good, and only the discontinued one matches the crazy lace I needed too. So I gave up. This was gonna be an expensive costume and there's no way I'm paying that much money if I won't be happy because all I'll be able to see is that it's the wrong color :( So now I'm back to only having 2 costumes. Boo!
 I think we're supposed to wear our track staff shits on Friday anyways, so that will make me feel better about not having a costume then, but I'm still irritated that Monday I won't have a costume. I might have to wear something from one of the shows. Which sucks.
 In mildly related news, my diet is seemingly going very well! I have been exercising almost every day, sometimes more than once and I've been super conscious of everything I eat and drink. Last night I had a dream about being the size I used to and I woke up kinda like "It is totally worth eating crappy food and being gross and sweaty for an hour every day!" Even better, I have measurable results already and it hasn't even been 2 weeks! I don't own a scale and I never take measurements cause I don't think either is a good reflection of... well, pretty much anything. Instead I go by how my clothes fit. In this instance, specifically by how my leather Vampire Willow pants fit. When I bought them I couldn't get them anywhere close to being pulled up and I thought the zipper was going to rip out it was so far from moving, lol. This morning I tried them on again. The crotch of the pants is only like an inch below where it should be, and I can zip the zipper up about and inch and a half! And I've still got like 5 weeks to go! Woo! And even better, these pants are a size 6, most of my clothes is a size 8. Most of the stuff I fit in comfortabley lately is a size 12 :( Today I might have to go try on stuff from my "this doesn't fit over my ass" pile and see if I can wear it again! :)

New finished stuff:

  • Both Zydrate guns! Pics are up on facebook if you wanna see them. They're in my cosplay album. They are made of win :)
  • Found both red and silver tinsel at the dollar store. Didn't buy it cause I wanted to make sure I had the right colors. Going back for it today! Yay, magics to swirl in the air!
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  • BHPS Pink Willow outfit
  • BHPS Purple Willow outfit- fixed!
  • Dr. H. Penny Freeze Ray outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny My Eyes outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny Penny's Song outfit
  • Dr. H Penny Caring Hands outfit- (decided not to rip up the jeans... cheapskateyness won over accuracy, lol)
  • Dr. H. Penny Everyone's a Hero outfit
  • Fluffy Willow
  • Vamp Willow (except the bottom hem since the pants don't fit quite yet so I don't know where to hem the shirt...)
Not finished
  • Meg's BHPS Princess Dawn dress- can't finish til she comes back, but just needs hems and velcro
  • Meg's Repo! Shilo dress- Not even started yet. That is this weekend's project
  • Ziggy's Repo! GraveRobber coat- Waiting for the fabric to show up in the mail. Also waiting on a fur sample.
  • Possible costume for me that I'm looking into that isn't even planned, let alone started
Props I need to make/find/remember to take
  • Ziggy and Terry's Zydrate gun- waiting on the plastic test tubes to show up... want them now! I could finish them today!
  • Make bloody plastic shrapnel for Dr. H Penny costume to stick to my stomach
  • Sparkly streamers for magic in BHPS?
  • Dr. H- Laundry basket and laundry, clipboard and papers, frozen yogurt containers and sporks
The good news is I will have no problem finishing almost all of this up next week. Charles will be out of state from this sat. to next sun. and I will be sitting around with nothing to distract me.
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For some reason it was yesterday that the panic about D*C hit me. I was expecting it to hit this weekend while practicing for the shows. Instead it waited until after I got all the stuff I needed to work on Meg's costumes and I got ordered the main fabric I needed for Ziggy's. It's always the pressure of knowing that other people are relying on me that makes me start to panic and start staying up late to work on stuff.
I've actually got a lot done in the last few days though. I have as much as possible done on Meg's Dawn princess dress for BHPS. The thing I forgot to take into account is that aside from getting the top itself made, I also have to get it attached to the skirt _before_ I can put in the giant velcro strip that will allow us to have her "magically" change costume on stage. That requires having her here because I really don't want to try to estimate that based on measurements. And since I didn't finish it until this afternoon and she is gonna be out of state for 2 weeks, that goes on hiatus. But hey, I'm just happy that in roughly one day of really slow sewing (aka: watching tv while working) I managed to bang that sucker out despite the stupid sheer fabric. Ha.
I also finished up pink fluffy WIllow. I wanted to put it all on tonight and get Charles to take a pic, but it turns out that the tights I bought are awful and I will need to drop some actual money because the cheap ones I got are awful. Any idea where I can find white _women's_ tights? Neither Walmart nor Target had any except the awful super sheer ones that are the most horribly sized things I ever seen. I was so close to being done.
I also have figured out how I'm making the 2 Zydrate guns I'm doing. They're going to be _very_ different styles and I'm looking forward to playing with them.
Tomorrow I have the option of working on my vamp Willow top or Meg's Shiloh dress. It will really depend on what mood I wake up in. I can't work on Zig's stuff yet cause I hafta wait for stuff to come in the mail. Boo.
I'm really doubting getting to make other costumes for myself at this point, but we'll see. So long as everyone else's stuff is done and I have practiced both my roles enough and figured out the other staff stuff I have to do.... right...
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We ended up owning the first 4 seasons of House thanks to Charles' parents and a co-worker who gifted it to them. When I am not stuck staring at a freeze frame of one screen while working on a costume, I watch House to keep me from going insane sitting around all day sewing, painting, measuring, etc. I have discovered that although I have watched House on t.v. a ton, I have missed a lot of episodes. The other things that's neat is seeing who the sick person of the day is. I remember getting all excited for the episode that it was Felecia Day, but watching the older ones you discover people you know in episodes you had already seen.
For instance the episode I watched today featured Harry Lennix, also known as Boyd Langton, Echo's handler in Dollhouse. It also had the main guy from Ghost Whisperer (which I watch sometimes if I'm bored) as a kinda douchey dr. from L.A. The very 1st ep of House has the bitchy chick agent from the Mentalist as the sick person of the week. I look forward to finding more people that I didn't know then and do now.
Also, as a related aside, how the _hell_ did I miss the fact that Harry Lennix was Lock in the Matrix trilogy?!? I couldn't stand his character, but still, for my mind to completely blank him out is just weird. I always fail so hard at recognizing people. It just makes me feel like I need to IMDB every single character in everything I watch.


Jul. 15th, 2009 12:51 am
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I just put the last touches on the last of the Penny outfits for Dr. Horrible! That means that aside from patching up the one skirt for Willow, I have all the costumes I need for the 2 shows completely done!
On a related note, my pink and fluffy Willow costume is like 95% done. I ran out of the hideous daisy trim because I guesstimated wrong. However, I'm taking a trip to Joann's tomorrow and can pick that up then, and with about 30 minutes of hand stitching it will be done.
 The vamp Willow costume on the other hand has hit a hiatus. I discovered on my last trip to Joann's that apparently no one sells the one piece of hardware I really need to make the corset-ey shirt thing. I had to order it from a special corsetry store online last Thursday and they apparently (according to their tracker) have not even shipped it yet. *sigh*
 I suppose that's ok though because right now I really need to be focusing on other people's costumes. I feel like now that I have at least 2 done for myself and the option of wearing any of the *thinks* 7 from the shows I'm in if need be, that I should get to work on everyone else's since at this point I can make-do if I have to.
 This means that first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to make up some pseduo-pattern pieces for Ziggy's Graverobber coat so that I can figure out how much fabric to tell her to order and quote her a price. Then I'm gonna start on one of Meg's 2 outfits that I'm working on since today we bought everything she needs. I am commiting myself to doing that the entire rest of the day until Charles comes home because I really have no excuse not to.
After Charles gets home though, the night is filled. Eat some awesome leftovers (I made pulled pork sammiches tonight for the first time. They were not half bad for an experiment), hit up Joann's again (for stuff to finish of my Willow stuff, look for fur for Zig's coat, and look for glue guns to base 2 Zydrate guns on) and then we get to go see Harry Potter! :D
I'm definitely starting to panic about Dragon*Con, btw. So much stuff to do in so little time! Speaking of which, I should get to bed so I don't sleep all morning tomorrow and can get on this stuff asap!

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Today turned out pretty well and not at all boring after all. I slept in til almost noon, watched some Jack Hanna thing with tigers in it, and then got caught up in working on costumes. That lead me to actually watching Dr. Horrible on the DVD for only the 2nd time since I got it. It might seem weird, but I really only bought it to both support the project and get to watch "Commentary: The Musical" and I watch it on Hulu any time that I want to see it. The reason it's important that I watched it today is because first off I realized I had never watched it with the _actual_ commentary turned on, only the musical version, and it turns out they are completely unrelated and the commentary that is not sung is a real commentary. I felt dumb for missing that. I also found 2 out of 3 of the Easter Eggs on my own. I admit I cheated and looked up the 3rd one which turned out to be the most obvious one, which was why I overlooked it, lol. I won't post them up here unless someone asks, but I will you you these hints: 1. check out the subtitles 2. Pay attention to the names in the scene selection 3. Watch the "Making of" special all the way through the credits. If you haven't found them yet that will give you a good start, but it will be a multi-step process, even involving google, I warn you.
After that fun, Charles and I went and had a picnic at the Chattahoochie River park, fed a baby duck, and walked around a bit. Then we came home and watched the Sixth Sense. There were fireworks nearby somewhere that kept trying to drown out the movie.
On the topic of the 6th Sense, this is only the 2nd time I have watched it either. They did in fact do a good job with all their rules and stuff to make it beleivable that he was dead on 2nd watch through. However, I totally remember the ghosts being creepier and the movie in general being better. With that last atrocity of a movie M. Night made, and finally watching The Village a few weeks ago that got a "meh" from me since I completely figured out the twist like 15 minutes into the movie, and then this rewatching of one of the "classics" being kind of a nostalgia let down... makes me a bit concerned.  I don't know if I should watch Signs again. Hm.

I totally forgot to mention this: Holy crap, his wife is Adelle in Dollhouse. I love watching older movies and recognizing people like this.

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Things are going well on the costuming. I am officially done with all the sewing and reworking I needed to do and have moved on to painting on "embroidery." Last night I went to bed at around 6 am because I spent the entire night painting five bazillion teeny tiny flowers onto the skirt for my Fluffy Willow costume. I was annoying by this. See, my 12" Sideshow doll of this costume turns out to not be so accurate. They have just but a bunch of little dots on the skirt. I went to look at the episode so I could get a better look at the patches on the sweater and discovered that they were in fact tiny stylized daisies of multiple sizes. *sigh* I want to count them to see how many I painted, but I don't know how to do that without losing track. Or feeling like a loser, lol.
All I know is it made me take a break today from the painting so I'm putting off stenciling the stuff for my Penny costumes until at least tomorrow.
Currently I am really pumped because today we found the stuff I need to make the top for my vamp Willow costume. I love thrifting. I found this gigantic real black leather skirt today for $3.25. It's floor length and made for a rather large woman, which means I have enough to do everything I need. I also found a pleather jacket for cheap, so I think I'm actually going to use that as the base to be modified and use as little from the skirt as possible (cause hey, you never know when you're gonna want a giant swathe of black leather for something). This does mean I'm going to have to essentially make that shirt from scratch, which is going to be tough. I don't have a lot of experience sewing leather, but I've self-taught everything else as I went, so hopefully this will just mean one more thing I feel comfortable doing later.
No plans really for the 4th tomorrow. We were gonna try to get together with some friends we haven't seen forever, but they're out of town. Also, we are lazy and try to avoid going outside in July down here, lol. Right now the plan seems to be to sit around the apartment playing video games, watching movies, working on costumes (ie: a normal Sat.) but to later cook some sausages on the George Foreman grill (oh soon, ina  few months, I will have a real grill once we have a house! Yay for real grillables next weekend!)

And now to keep track of my progress and to help keep me organized, my costume list update:


  • BHPS Pink Willow outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny Freeze Ray outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny My Eyes outfit
  • Dr. H. Penny Penny's Song outfit
Not finished
  • BHPS Purple Willow outfit- fix skirt
  • Dr. H Penny Caring Hands outfit- rip up keans, stencil jacket
  • Dr. H. Penny Everyone's a Hero outfit- stencil jacket
  • Fluffy Willow- Attach patches and daisy border, buy white tights
  • Vamp Willow- Sew shirt, buy fabric for sleeves and ruffles and sew them on
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I have amazingly whipped myself into a frenzy of costuming! This is despite the fact that I am halfway through finally playing Majora's Mask (the only Zelda I haven't beaten) now that I finally got my expansion pak from ebay so it would work on my system.
Yesterday I made my skirt for fluffy Willow, hemmed up the one shirt for Penny during Penny's Song, and made my stripey arm warmers for Penny during My Eyes. BTW, my arm warmers rock! I think that they are going to find their way into my normal wardrobe ^^
Today I sewed with stripey ribbon on the aforementioned Penny shirt, finally found correct looking butterfly patches to finish of the giant collection of patches that get sewn onto my fluffy Willow costume, and I'm just about to cut up and hem the sweater and pants for Penny My Eyes costume as well. The goal is to have at least that much done tonight and possibly to do a bit more even.
I think tomorrow is going to involve me coated up to my elbows in acrylic paint and textile medium as I have like 4 different pieces that need detailing done on them. The way I figure, most of these things I would never find appliques or anything even remotely close and I don't embroider and even if one of those two things were possible it would be too expensive or time consuming. Since I paint pretty well and am fairly quick at it, meh close enough.

And yes, I know I get kind of crazy about my costuming. It is in fact a point of pride to me that I do. Aside from food, costuming comes next in perfectionistic insanity. Yes, even though half of these costumes I'm slaving over will only be seen from out in a crowd while I'm on a stage with questionable spot light work for a matter of minutes. It doesn't matter to me. I want my costume to be accurate to every detail possible and have finished hems. I'm sure there's a normal people correlation somewhere for this. Like maybe those chicks who won't even run to the grocery store if they haven't put on make-up and checked their hair. I feel like my costumes reflect upon me somehow. Just hush and let me have my insanity ^_~


Jun. 29th, 2009 07:36 pm
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Dear Ziggy,
 I am officially not the whitest person ever! I may be paler than Molly Ringwald, but Julianne Moore is one step away from sparkling in the sunlight or bursting into flames in it or something.
 Thanks TMZ for helping me locate someone that can make me look tan!
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I'm working on my Fluffy Willow costume (see previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about) and let me tell you what, I am so pumped. I would never have thought I would get excited about this particular costume. It's so different from the type of costumes that I usually do. I mean, most people when they costume tend to wear things they couldn't in every day life and things that tend to make them look cooler/sexier/more badass/whatever than they can normally. And so here I am right now wearing a pink fuzzy sweater and a partially hemmed hot pink skirt, and I'm looking in the mirror trying to figure out how to make my boobs look smaller and I am loving the idea more than when I was just thinking about it.

I was thinking for a while that I might trying to make myself a convincing looking tranq gun to carrying around so that that way I could walk around asking people if they had "seen anyone that looks like me, only evil and skanky?"
I don't think I'll have the time, so I think instead that I'm gonna carrying around a banana so I can yell "Lunch time be damned! I'm eating this banana!"
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With all the craziness that's been going on with the vacation and house shopping and a couple other things going on, I have been letting something really important slip out of my sight: COSTUMING!
I realize to those of you more normal people that are on my f-list that this might seem bizarre, but I am not exaggerating at the importance. Last year I went to Dragon*Con costume-less. Me. I went with nothing but street clothes. It was a sad, sad thing. At that point though, I could barely afford to go just the day I was in BHPS and if it hadn't been for Charles picking up an extra day of work that Sat. neither of us would have been able to afford to go on Monday. That meant there was no money for costumes at all. However this year, not only will I be there being staff for all 4 days, but I have just found out which items I will be in charge of, two of which are costuming related. Let's also not forget that I'm Willow in BHPS again as well as Penny in Dr. Horrible. This is a lot of costuming. An almost overwhelming level, lol.
 So I'm going to do what all my other D*C buddies have been doing and make a list of costumes to help me get a feel for where I'm at which this, what I need to work on, and get some suggestions.

Costume list and pics )

Now beyond these costumes, I don't know what to do for the other 2 days of D*C. I _could_ just wear one of the outfits from one of the shows, but I'd really only want to do that if I got desparate.
I was thinking of wearing one of Willow's outfits from the comics for the day I'm on the comics panel. I just don't know which one. I think it might be cool, especially since I'll be sitting there with Scott and Georges (have I mentioned how I'm afraid that I will simply freeze and find nothing to say to any of these people I am a total fan gril for?) I've even mildly toyed with doing evil future Willow, but that will get time consuming, and I don't think I'd have time to pull that off.
I really want to keep my costumes just to Whedon stuff this year what with it being my first year on the track. A bunch of them are doing Repo, and while I adore Repo, I can't see me pulling off any of the characters that well. I also can't see me pulling off anyone on Firefly/Serenity or Angel very well. Which basically means I'm left with Willow, lol. Cause honestly, how do you cosplay anyone from Dollhouse?
So anyone have any great ideas? Any iconic Willow outfits (aside from Dark Willow or Goddess Willow... I hate wigs, lol) that you would like to see done? Come on Whedon people, there's a ton of you on my f-list!
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I actually meant to post stuff up about our vacation not long after we got back, but then there was craziness, which I will get into later.
The trip went very well. The 12 hour drive seems shorter every time we make it. We dropped off Mercury at Jenna's to be babysat for the week. He _hates_ the car. Phineas on the other hand got over it fast and spent the entire ride sleeping in his litter box of all the places. On the way home he whined at first, but got over it.
We got to do all the stuff we wanted, as well as other unexpected things, we did get in touch with everyone we wanted to and got to hang out with everyone at least once. (Link to pictures). We only had one unfortunate run-in with people we knew who we were not planning on letting know we were home, but it was mercifully short and had no fallout (well none that matters or got back to us... I'm sure there was some in theory).
One of the coolest things was that Monday morning we walked across the road to the high school just cause. We had been talking about who we hoped we would run into, teacher-wise. There were 3 teachers in the building that morning, and 2 of them were the 2 we wished we could see! Mr. Cantrell, our 11th and 12th grade AP English teacher gave us both a huge hug and told us he was excited when he got our wedding announcement and spent a good 15 minutes chatting before he remembered he was supposed to be doing stuff, lol. We also bumped into Mr. P, the art teacher. We also found Charles' senior art project on the wall still and discovered something eerie about the accompanying piece done by one of our friends.
Aside from that, it was just chilling we people and running around doing all the same stuff we used to do when we lived there. Not much has changed in 3 years (except my favorite Chinese restaurant going out of business. Damn you, economy!)

Anywho, there's been a plenty keeping me busy this last week. For one thing, I graduated. The ceremony was this Sat. and I got my tall hat, 2 different medals, my ACF certification cards which address me as "Chef Megan," and I found out I graduated Summa Cum Laude. woot.
The other thing that's been keeping me busy is that we are actually house shopping. We got preapproved for a rather sizable loan and started looking last week. We've been putting off bringing this up until now cause I felt like I wanted to be sure things were going to really happen before I started telling people. However until we get a bid accepted on a house, I probably won't bring it up again. The entire process is like a giant roller coaster of emotion. Having the money is such a tiny part of the process. Then wading through five billion houses and driving out 45 minutes to look at them, making bids, waiting to hear back, etc. is all very tiring work. You get really excited about a place and put in a bid only to find out that just that morning another bid was accepted while you were dotting the i's and crossing the t's on the paperwork. You get angry and depressed all at once until you find another house, only this one has _7_ bids on it already and despite it being exactly what you want you have to assume it won't happen, but you bid anyways and tell yourself "I will _not_ get my hopes up. There is no chance we have the highest offer" Except that you know that every house after this will just be disappointing because it's not the other one. Way too much emotion involved in this that we hadn't been prepared for. We thought, hey it's a buyer's market and there's billions of sellers out there desperate to make a deal. Except that Obama's stimulus is working too well and the market is now saturated with buyers, lol. Which is another reason we are in a hurry: now that we're in the market, it really looks like this thing is going to turn around soon. You know the cliche stories about the crazy brides at the wedding dress sample sales? It feels like that, but with houses.
But don't worry, one day we will actually win a bid and I will post. Unfortunately today is one of those "waiting to hear back" days which drive me nuts with the impotence of my position. I need to start doing something to take my mind off it, like work on my D*C costumes or something.

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Back home after a week in Ohio.
Did I miss anything during my lack of internets?
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