Jan. 4th, 2009

mercurialsunshine: (WTF?)
Why am I watching Degrassi again? Last weekend it happened because we were bored, had no plans for the whole day, and were sick of playing video games since it was all there had been to do over xmas break.
This morning's excuse is because Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are on it. Which I mean what the hell?
It also helps that last week focused on the one adorable gay guy came out and this week apparently is about two chicks that aren't gay hooking up and getting over their issues about it.
But still, Degrassi? What? Come on, my health teacher used to make us watch the old one in class and do little write-ups over what the theme was in the episode and the conflict resolution and what not. I can't seriously be watching what's essentially a teen soap opera and be all invested in "Oh my gosh, I can't believe what she just did!"
Terry, this is your fault. You talk about it on your blog all the time. You have icons with them in it and because of that scenes like the one in the last with the chick saying "Did you become a lesbian and not tell me?" make me go "Oh, that's where that's from!" Your fault, all your fault. (And why is one of the adults named Snake?)


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