Mar. 13th, 2009

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Things have continued to be crazy and stressful lately. MomoCon is tomorrow so I've been frantically trying to finish up the costumes. I remembered this morning that I'm supposed to bring food for our picnic too :( How bad would it be for someone a week away from being a certified chef to bring something store bought? *cringe* I'll just have to find time tonight after watching Dollhouse.
But yes, that's right... in roughly a week I will be officially a CC and CPC (Certified Culinarian and Certified Pastry Culinarian). I also just found out yesterday that I am being given the Academic Achievement Award for the culinary dept. and have an award's ceremony to attend in 2 weeks. And the best thing about it is that I get to wear street clothes and not chef whites! Yay for civvies!!! I get to look hot at something culinary related!!! In the meantime however I have to actually, you know, finish my classes. The odd thing is this is normally where I would be freaking out about the crazy practicals and the giant presentation I have to do in front of like our entire dept. and industry professionals... except I'm excited. I think I finally, in my last quarter, managed to find confidence in my own abilities. I haven't had a single mis-step this entire quarter. It's like I finally found my groove. I go to class each day excited about what I can rock out with today. Charles tells me it's about damn time.

Anyways, I have two big announcements so everyone PAY ATTENTION!!!

 Next Wed. @ 3 PM is my final practical turn-out for Advanced Baking and Pastry 2 class. This means a giant room full of desserts and a chance to see some awesome sugar, chocolate, and pastillage sculptures and wedding cakes. Yes, you get to eat the desserts. All you have to do is show up. However, I'm only allowed like 3 people and Chales is already ditching work for a bit to come. So if any of you are going to be around AIA next Wed. @ 3 (Ziggy? Steven? I think you have class earlier, are you around still by 3 or would you want to be?)  and you want to eat some kick ass desserts, then reply and let me know.

   Charles and I are 95% sure we are coming back home for a week-ish in June. We do not know for certain the dates yet and we will keep you posted when we know specifics. Just do me a favor and check your own schedules and see if there's anything keeping you out of town or tied up all week and let me know if/when that is so we can plan around that. This trip will be our chance to get to enjoy all the things we've been missing (hiking at the Gorge, eating at Friendlies, Swenson's, etc.), tooling around the Portage Lakes, going to Cleveland for the art museum, the west side market, etc., as well as just chilling with our friends. If there is something specific you want to go do with us let me know that too so we can plan on that. Oh and hey, two questions: 1. Does anyone know for certain that La'Rox Tattoos is still operating? If it is, we'll both be getting a tattoo there. If not, we're just gonna get them done down here. I don't want to wait until June just to find out they don't exist anymore. 2. Is the Akron Art Museum rennovation finished yet? Has anyone been there? Is it worth going now that they've re-done it?


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